Mike Brown: Bridging the Gap Between Wealth and Financial Freedom

Mike Brown Financial Freedom

Mike Brown
Bridging the Gap Between Wealth and Financial Freedom

Mike Brown is an entrepreneur, investor and wealth coach. Prior to founding and exiting an 8-figure oil and gas investment firm, Mike flew F/A-18 Super Hornets for the Navy and combined the tactical precision honed in the cockpit with real world experience in navigating the complex world of finance. His coaching programs focus on helping entrepreneurs bridge the gap between wealth and freedom.

No one in the fitness space is talking about money and wealth and the impact it has on our mental and physical wellbeing. It is one of the biggest stressors on our personal and professional lives and Mike gives us some actionable tools and strategies on how to reframe our relationship with money.

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Points of interest in the episode: 

06:38  The Starretts know each other from Baby Bathwater
07:20  Mike’s background and dreams of being an entrepreneur and in the military; Patriot Games; Atlas Shrugged
08:30  Mike founded a gas investment firm in 2013
08:50  Entrepreneur vs Investor
09:10  The day Mike sold his company he thought with this financial freedom he’d never be unhappy again
10:00  After buying another company and losing a lot of money, there were days Mike didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning and he knew his relationship with money had to change
11:30  How can people better manage major transitions
14:01  Being alone with yourself; Colin O’Brady and the 12-Hour Walk
17:15  Hedonic adaptation
17:45  Before failure, you carry an arrogance that only someone that’s never failed carries
18:45  Michael Phelps‘ journey post-sport
19:50  Driving from a place of lack
21:40  Coaching; Philip McKernan
22:24  Defending wealth
24:30  Money stories
34:50  Solving for fulfillment instead of happiness
39:50  3 primary stressors: relationships, wealth, and health
41:59  Taking responsibility
44:50  Wealth survey
47:55  Nicole Christensen “We don’t nature for time”
50:30  Giving yourself permission to spend on the things that bring fulfillment and happiness, and budget in other areas
55:40  Mike’s socials
56:35  Homework for tonight


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