Dr. Emily Kraus: Youth Sports, RED-S in Males and Females, and Actionable Advice for Keeping Athletes Healthy

Emily Kraus RED-S

Dr. Emily Kraus
Youth Sports, RED-S in Males and Females, and Actionable Advice for Keeping Athletes Healthy

Dr. Emily Kraus is a Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford Children’s Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center trained in the specialty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She has research and clinical interests in endurance sports medicine, injury prevention, running biomechanics, prevention of bone stress injuries, and the promotion of health and wellness at any age of life. Dr. Kraus is the director of the FASTR Program, which stands for Female Athlete Science and Translational Research. The FASTR program seeks to help close the gender gap in sports science research with an emphasis on early identification and interventions to prevent injury and identify ways to optimize performance in female athletes. Dr. Kraus is also a member of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee Women’s Health Task Force and is the medical director of the Stanford Children’s Motion Analysis and Sport Performance Lab. She has completed nine marathons including the Boston Marathon twice and one 50k ultramarathon. With running and staying physically active as one of her personal passions, she recognizes the importance of fitness for overall wellbeing and the prevention of chronic medical conditions.

Dr. Kraus joins us to talk about the state of youth sports, RED-S in males and females, and actionable advice for keeping developing athletes healthy.

For more info on Dr. Kraus and what she’s doing, check out the FASTR and follow her on Instagram.

Points of interest in the episode: 

06:25  Emily is joining us from her barn in Portola Valley
07:28  Emily is sports medicine physician for Standford orthopedic, and also leads FASTR Female Athlete Science and Translational Research; Kate Courtney
12:15  The state of the state of youth sports
17:15  Strategies for avoiding injuries in youth athletes
18:30  RED-S in both female and male athletes
22:35  Developing healthy relationship with food and training
25:05  Infographics
30:35  In reality, the youth sports performance team is coaches and parents
35:40  Body image
37:35  The role of tracking and wearable technology
49:00  FASTR
53:45  This isn’t a moment for female athletes, this is a movement
54:00  Women being coached by women is fairly rare; Coralie Simmons
56:58  Youth coaches
62:45  Debunking myths
63:10  Female athletes should not be losing their menstrual cycles
67:30  Emily’s socials; FASTR; Positive Coaching Alliance; Project Play


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