Colin O’Brady: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone to Access Untapped Potential

Colin O'Brady

Colin O’Brady
Get Out of Your Comfort Zone to Access Untapped Potential

Colin O’Brady is a 10-time world record breaking explorer and a world-renowned expert on mindset. He isn’t your typical adventurer despite his unmatched athletic accomplishments. After overcoming a devastating accident that left him nearly unable to walk, he became the first person to cross Antarctica solo, unsupported and fully-human powered, completed the world’s first ocean row across the treacherous Drake Passage and summited Mount Everest twice. Colin is a New York Times bestselling author, a highly sought-after keynote speaker and a Yale University graduate. He’s also a television host, an executive producer, a successful entrepreneur and YPO Jackson Hole member. Colin knows firsthand how to harness the power of the mind to prove that anything is possible.

Colin is a master story teller and his adventures and accomplishments are nothing short of outrageous. From catastrophic injury, to the powerful and intuitive women that shape his life, to actionable takeaways, this episode has it all.

For more info on Colin and what he’s doing, check out his website and follow him on Instagram.

Points of interest in the episode: 

03:30  Colin O’Brady and the Starretts met up at a YPO event they recently attended
04:50  Type 2 fun
05:30  Colin’s background and upbringing
06:35  Colin’s parents were into local, organic, sustainable foods before that was a thing
08:45  A catastrophic injury in Thailand
14:20  Colin’s mom intuition and strength saved Colin and set him on a path
15:45  Goal setting; Chicago Triathlon
20:25  As humans we are sitting on reservoirs of untapped potential
21:30  Colin’s mom is a truly special human
27:23  Colin is a 10x world record holder
28:10  Explorer’s Grand Slam
30:24  A NOLS semester was pretty much Colin’s only mountaineering experience
31:20  Dreaming something into reality long before anything is in place to pull it off
33:10  Colin ended up setting the world record after doing all 7 Summits and both poles
38:30  Everest Camp 4, AKA The Death Zone; Into Thin Air
43:00  What its like to hike and move around above 26,000 feet
43:29  Colin’s wife has an idea
46:35  Colin sets the 7 Summits world record AND the Explorer’s Grand Slam world record
47:30  Colin is deeply passionate about inspiring other’s to get out of their comfort zone
48:25  Colin attempted to be the first person to row a boat across The Drake Passage; The Impossible Row
52:13  Life is a spectrum of experiences from 1 to 10, and you have to experience the 1s to get the 10s
57:01  The 12 Hour Walk by Colin O’Brady; Huberman
62:15  Global 12 Hour Walk on October 5, 2024
64:55  Colin is training for RAAM on June 15th – a cycling race across America, and trying to set a new record for a pairs team “Sub6”
70:15  Guilty pleasures


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