Nolan Kim: Limiting Beliefs, Being Present, and the Power of Magic

Nolan Kim Limiting Beliefs, Being Present, and the Power of Magic

Nolan Kim
Limiting Beliefs, Being Present, and the Power of Magic

Nolan Kim has a background as a transformational coach, a professional magician, and a member of the Magic Castle. He transitioned to the health and wellness space as a performance coach after a significant health event 7 years ago. He is a master breath coach, with 6 certifications at the advanced level. After 5 years of working with elite athletes & executives, he and his wife Dr. Amanda Kim, blended emotional health with executive coaching, physical health & magic (yes magic!) to create a journey of growth by integrating mind, body & spirit to become fully present to your life and rediscover your power. He has 2 dogs and loves being active, working out, spending time with friends, and is passionate about people becoming the best versions of themselves.

Nolan’s story is bonkers and there is so much to be learned here about recovery and how shedding limiting beliefs and integrating mind, body, and spirit will improve performance and overall health and wellbeing.

For more info on Nolan and what he’s doing, check out Power Coaching and follow him on Instagram.

Points of interest in the episode: 

04:17  Nolan won a TRS contest to spend the day with the Starretts
05:59  Nolan is a professional magician and is a member of the Magic Castle
08:34  The Magic Castle, explained
10:20  Nolan has a background as a competitive athlete
12:00  Nolan had a cardiac event at the end of a CrossFit workout
14:58  Arctic Sun Procedure (therapeutic hypothermia)
16:40  Waking up from a coma; 50 First Dates
18:38  Nolan has a S-ICD implanted in case it happens again. Which it did. At CrossFit.
22:35  The emotional recovery was the longer piece
24:00  Finding the missing pieces of health; XPT
26:45  Nolan has many breath work certifications, starting with XPT
32:08  “Nerves are king of the breath” – BKS Iyengar
34:25  Transitioning from magic into the health and wellness space
35:42  Somatic breathwork
36:15  An athlete’s negative emotional state is correlated with increased injury risk
40:24  Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
41:15  The emotional work is harder than physical work
41:25  If your nervous system doesn’t feel safe, it’s hard to take in new information; Limiting Beliefs
42:21  Integrating mind, body, and spirit makes you fully present in your life
44:39  The Body Keeps the Score
46:30  Belonging
47:50  Mental/Emotional Health, Mindset, and Magic
49:20  Limiting beliefs
53:11  Incorporating magic into the practice
58:50  Nolan likes Juliet’s protein pancakes, and so does Arnold Schwarzenegger
59:25  Nolan’s socials


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