David Vaux: Strength Training in Midlife for Longevity

David Vaux Strength Training

David Vaux
Strength Training in Midlife for Longevity

David Vaux, a former London firefighter turned osteopath and academic, draws on his extensive experience to advocate for strength training, particularly for older adults. With degrees in osteopathy and health and exercise science, he’s a leading voice in promoting resilience and healthy aging. He also heads therapy and exercise for a major UK arthritis charity and has contributed to public health initiatives. His book, “STRONGER,” published by Hachette in July 2024, aims to make strength training accessible to all for better long-term health.

David really makes the case for why strength training is critical as we age, but he also gives people a template for how to get started. If you or someone you know wants to get your strength practice going, this episode is a must listen.

To keep up with David, follow him on Instagram and definitely pick up a copy of Stronger.

Points of interest in the episode: 

06:12  David’s new book, Stronger, came out March, 2024
07:17  David’s background
08:55  This is the book David wished he had in mid-life
09:30  Injury ended David’s career as a firefighter overnight
13:16  Even with injury you can find ways to train and work around it
14:38  David transitioned to Osteopathy
18:50  This book is written for middle age
23:16  “Strength training is the single most important factor in older age health”
25:10  Fast twitch is often the missing piece
26:40  Biggest killer over 65yo is falling, having trained fast twitch muscles lessens the risk dramatically
28:20  Strength can be acquired without acquiring muscle mass
34:30  What about cardio?
41:45  It’s hard trying to change in midlife; Mike Brown
42:20  “Real strength training is just coordination training with resistance” – Frans Bosch
46:20  You can strength train anytime, anywhere
47:45  Is weighted cardio the same as strength training?
52:15  Progression and regression
53:45  David’s socials


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