Katy Bowman: Expanding Your Movement Diet and Making Movement Meaningful Beyond Fitness

Katy Bowman Nutritious Movement

Katy Bowman
Expanding Your Movement Diet and Making Movement Meaningful Beyond Fitness

Bestselling author, speaker, and a leader of the Movement movement, biomechanist Katy Bowman is changing the way we move and think about our need for movement. Bowman teaches movement globally and has written 9 previous books on the importance of a diverse movement diet, including Move Your DNA, Dynamic Aging, and Grow Wild. Her latest book, Rethink Your Position, is a much-needed guide to how our bodies move, why we need to move more, and the intentional steps anyone can take to feel, move, and even think better–one part at a time.

Rethink Your Position and Built to Move have so much in common in terms of the mission and goal to focus on the basics. We get into all the ways in which movement is being left behind in modern life and how to combat this trend.

For more info about Katy, check out Nutritious Movement, and follow her on Instagram.

Points of interest in the episode: 

05:05  Katy has written 11 books
07:55  Content often must be presented many times in many different ways to resonate with different audiences; Jill Miller
09:25  Things aren’t going well from a health and fitness perspective – what the industry is doing isn’t working
11:00  Experts present information in different ways based on their own life stages
14:11  Katy and her family just moved back from living in Costa Rica
15:29  Why your movement diet matters
17:30  Movement diet
19:10  Labor movement
19:30  SLOTH economy model
20:30  The difference between physical activity, movement, and exercise
26:38  Exercise is generational
27:23  One of the pillars in every culture for a millennium is eating a broad array of fruits and vegetables; Cate Shanahan’s Deep Nutrition
28:10  Everything you do is part of your movement diet
29:40  Thinkers in the industry are starting to question the norms; Ido Portal
32:10  The public health crisis in teens; Ezra Klein
35:25  Stacking behaviors
38:16  Walking can be stacked with anything
38:50  The walking school bus
39:40  “We don’t nature for time”; Nicole Christensen
40:15  Movement and lifestyle vital signs
42:20  Many people don’t value performance and physical fitness
44:40  Helping people do what they want to do in life, whatever that may be
46:30  Movement is for creatives too
47:20  The transition from non-mover to mover
51:25  Katy was a step aerobics instructor
52:35  Bowman’s Orca
56:20  You are adapting to movement habits all the time
65:05  Expand your movement lexicon
67:43  Wild foods
75:00  Katy’s socials

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