Sean Pastuch: Humanizing Healthcare by Professionalizing the Fitness Industry

Sean Pastuch Evolving Fitness

Sean Pastuch
Humanizing Healthcare by Professionalizing the Fitness Industry

Dr. Sean Pastuch is a dedicated husband, father, and leader. He is the Founder and CEO of Active Life, a company that guides its clients to a life well-lived, through the attainment of empowered thought, physical freedom, and emotional wellbeing. When he’s not working to improve the lives of his clients, Dr. Sean spends his time with his wife and three daughters. He credits his wife with being his biggest supporter, and his children with being the best leadership coaches he has ever had. At Active Life, Dr. Sean and the team believe that the two industries that exist today to help people enjoy a life well-lived, fitness and healthcare, fall severely short.

We get into Sean’s experience helping people by providing simple education, practical fitness, and professional mentorship. In addition, Sean works directly with coaches and gym owners to help them thrive which enables his expertise to serve an even broader community.

For more info about Sean and Active Life, check out their website, and follow Sean and Active Life on Instagram.

Points of interest in the episode: 

05:02  Sean’s Backstory; Equinox, World Gym
05:30  Working at globo gyms unearthed some unsavory truths about the industry
06:14  After working in the family chiropractic business for a couple of years, Sean opened a CrossFit gym and clinic
07:55  “Humanize the healthcare industry, by professionalizing the fitness industry”
12:20  “If it hurts don’t do it” is not the best we can do
17:30  The anti-lock brake analogy
19:45  Abundance mindset
21:40  Part of professionalizing coaching is changing the pay structure
27:43  Staff is an investment, not a commodity; PJ Nestler
33:04  Sean’s has recently opened another brick and mortar space in part to understand what their gym owner clients are experiencing
38:25  Unexpected value and being a guide
41:10  Calculating the price of personal training and coaching
42:08  Sean opened his first CrossFit gym in 2011, was killing it, was sued, won the lawsuit at great expense, then hurricane Sandy hit and destroyed the gym
44:45  Sean pivoted away from the gym and clinic
50:00  Mentorship
55:46  The best way for us to look out for other people is to look out for ourselves
56:44  Active Life, defined

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