Joyce Shulman: Intentional Walking for Health, Creativity, and Longevity

Joyce Shulman Walking

Joyce Shulman
Intentional Walking for Health, Creativity, and Longevity

Joyce Shulman is Co-Founder and CEO of 99 Walks and Jetti Fitness, two wellness and walking lifestyle brands on a mission to forge connection and inspire millions to walk their way to better.

Throughout her personal and professional life, Joyce’s regular walking practice has been her key for managing stress, fueling creativity, and maintaining her health. After discovering that the research bears out all that she knew instinctively, Joyce and her husband, Eric Cohen, founded 99 Walks and Jetti Fitness to help others experience what recent studies have shown: walking can improve decision-making and executive function, combat depression, increase creativity and literally add years to your life.

In this episode, we discussed our mutual love and appreciation of walking, the vast health benefits of the practice, and were delighted to get into some additional advantages that are outside of our area of expertise.

For more info about Joyce and 99Walks, check out their website, and follow Joyce and 99 Walks on Instagram.

Talks, Studies, and Benefits mentioned in the episode: 

04:50  Joyce’s background; Macaroni Kid
06:15  Macaroni Kid publishes hyper local community focused newsletters
07:34  Walking together; Joyce’s TedX talk
08:04  99 Walks explained
08:34  A crystalizing moment when Joyce’s dad instructed her to take a walk to help turn around her mood
11:29  Sport as a way to get to know yourself
14:15  The fitness industrial complex
15:25  Walking is a practice that transcends exercise
16:39  Exercise is everything that moves your body in an intentional way
17:35  Incidental movement
19:35  In the Starrett household movement is not an option, but how you move your body is up to you
21:00  Sometimes kids have to hear it from someone else, no matter who you are
22:15  The 3 Pillars of Walking: Mind, Mood, and Body
22:27  Walking for your mind
23:45  Walking for creativity
24:35  Walking for mood
25:35  Walking for body
25:50  The bus driver study
30:30  Even entirely sedentary individuals improve very quickly when starting a walking practice
31:40  Walking is an incredibly accessible place to start; Mark Bell
33:20  Community walks are powerful
34:25  Jetti Poles to level up your walk
36:02  We are meant to walk and carry stuff; Daniel Lieberman
36:25  90yo secret to longevity – walking to store and carrying groceries home; KQED Forum
37:55  The benefits of community walks; 99 Walks app
40:38  Shoulder to shoulder communication
43:00  Walking and hormones
43:45  Walking meetings
45:25  Step count
48:00  Walking does have benefits for training and especially recovery
49:55  Joyce’s socials and what’s next

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