Chili Technology

chiliPAD™ Sleep System

Sleep and sleep time is sacrosanct here at The Ready State. We are absolutely religious about it. Sleep is the ultimate performance enhancer. Quality recovery doesn’t happen without it. Using Chili Technology’s sleep products was a game changer for us. Got to sleep faster. Stayed asleep longer. More REM. Greater sleep density. Wake up each day ready. to. crush.

MovNat | Natural Movement

Reclaim Your Nature

“Move more” is a mantra to us. Given all of life’s other time sucks, it makes sense to use what movement time one has in an efficient manner. Enter our friends at MovNat. Their Level 1 Fundamentals course teaches practical, natural movements that increase fitness, function, and physical capabilities. 100% online. 110% worth it. | A new approach to music

Functional Music to Improve

Music motivates. It energizes. It calms. It can also help you focus and get crazy productive, as our friends over at know full well. They specialize in functional music that elicits strong neural phase locking—allowing populations of neurons to engage in various kinds of coordinated activity. Their music is unique and purpose-built to get you into a desired mental state that helps you do what you need to do.

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SlackBlock | Balance = Power

Best Balance Wins

Always wanted a slackline but don’t have the space? Yeah, us too. Well, technically we had the space in our home gym, but wanted to bring the benefits of a slackline indoors, because flipping homemade sourdough English Muffins on two grounded feet is so boring.

Like the thing says: Balance = Power. They ain’t lying.

Kabuki | Pain Pill

Movement Mastery

We have a shirt that reads “Pain Makes You Beautiful.” If you accept that notion, then the Kabuki Strength Pain Pill is your fast track to long-lasting beauty.

Kabuki is the brain child of our friend Chris Duffin. We use a ton of his “lab-tested” gear in our gym and homes. The PainPill is one of our go-to IASTM tools. Normally we’d say don’t be intimidated by the name, but that’s kind of the point.

RumbleRoller | Deep Tissue Massage

Optimize Your Performance

As seen in every TRS mobility video that features a roller. Those little knobs mimic the thumbs of a sadistic therapist, digging down deep into the tissue until Pain Face is unavoidable. Go deep or go home.

Belcampo | Our Farm Our Way

Raising a New Standard

Leopards gotta eat. And when we eat, we eat Belcampo meat. Organic, humane, pasture-raised, grass-fed, non-GMO. Maybe not the meat descriptions that get your mouth watering, but definitely the descriptions that get us fired up about a healthy dinner.

Elemental Labs | Electrolyte Drink

Backed By Science

Being the performance nerds that we are, it follows that we’re just a tad picky when it comes to sourcing electrolytes.

Both Kelly and Juliet use LMNT daily, whether they’re redlining or battling brain fog. Optimal ratios. No questionable ingredients.

As a bonus, you can take these while doing IF and not break your fast.

GoRuck | Keep Training

Excellence, Toughness, and Adaptability

We are meant to walk and carry heavy things. You were literally born for this.

Our friends over at GORUCK make cool packs and loadable plates that we love and use regularly when we want to zhuzh up our walks with a little load. They have also created incredible events where crazy people can go have an adventure with their friends while carrying a loaded backpack. You should try them both.

Kion | Supplements

Strengthen Your Body

We are all about eating as much whole food as we can. It is a cornerstone of our nutrition. Full stop.

That said, life is busy. One does not always have the time to prepare the chicken or steak salad to get the protein and 800g of veggies we aim for each day.

Enter essential amino acids. Enter Kion Aminos: eight essential amino acids that are 99% utilized by the body for protein synthesis. Tough to find anything else on the market that tops that.

Paleo Valley | Grass Fed Organ Complex

Eat Consciously. Live Vibrantly.

We work hard to dial in our nutrition and keep it there. However, even with a fridge and freezer filled with nutrient dense meats, veggies, etc., gaps can appear.

Enter Paleovalley. Their Grass Fed Organ Complex is a favorite of ours as we know organ meat is a superfood but can’t always work the real thing into our meals. We also love their Supergreens, Bone Broth, and meat sticks. In a phrase, they complete us.