Jill Miller: The Evolution of a Fascia Expert, Body Blind Spots, and a Bottom Up Approach to Healing

Jill Miller Fascia Expert

Jill Miller
The Evolution of a Fascia Expert, Body Blind Spots, and a Bottom Up Approach to Healing

Jill Miller, C-IAYT, ERYT, YA-CEP fascia expert, has 30 years of corrective movement expertise that forges links between the worlds of yoga, massage, athletics, and pain management. Her signature self-care fitness programs, Yoga Tune Up® and The Roll Model® are found at gyms, yoga studios, hospitals, athletic training facilities and corporations worldwide. Kelly and Jill have been friends and collaborators for over a decade. We get to learn about the evolution of her business and her thinking as well as hear about her new book, Body by Breath out winter 2023.

If you’ve ever had to lay on a roller or ball and gut smash with us, that’s all Jill Miller. You’re welcome.

For more info, check out Jill’s website and follow Jill and Tune Up Fitness on Instagram.

Mentors, Books, and 80s Workout Tapes mentioned in the episode: 

07:05  Jill runs us through her background and how she arrived at being a fascia expert; Fascia Research Congress
07:43  Jill’s mom was highly asthmatic requiring lots of emergency room visits, and her dad was an infectious disease doctor
08:06  Jill grew up off the grid in Santa Fe wanting to be a singer and actor but with a love of microbiology; Earthship
09:22  Jill had a number of eating disorders between the ages 12 and 20
10:10  Acting is a critical training for anyone that wants to present research or get their ideas across
12:50  Jill didn’t understand that she had an eating disorder until she saw a show on Jane Fonda who was the first public bulimic – and after seeing it, she realized she didn’t have to starve herself, she could eat and then purge
14:45  Jill finally sought treatment in college after a friend was admitted to the hospital and almost died
15:08  Nothing really helped until her yoga instructor helped her reconnect to her core
17:05  In the physio community it is always a top down approach but Jill’s experience was more of a bottom up approach to processing and healing
19:30  Jill had a very serious yoga career; Jane Fonda Workout; Raquel Welch Yoga
20:45  Jill found out through her yoga practice that she is very hypermobile and because of this developed Yoga Tune Up
21:38  ‘Hypermobility’ is a spectrum of collagenous tissue laxity and can be extreme as in cases of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome; Marfan syndrome; Jessica Eccles has researched all the co-morbidities that go along with hypermobility
25:35  Matt Vincent says “Kelly was bendy before he was big”
27:29  Jill runs us through the origin of Tune Up Fitness which she founded with her husband, Robert, that houses two brands: Yoga Tune Up and The Roll Model; Jill learned yoga from Glenn Black of the Omega Institute
30:30  As Jill began to teach yoga, she found that people were very disconnected from their bodies which led to her bringing balls to class to help people find their “body blind spots”
32:54  Kelly had Jill join as a guest on a Creative Live program he did in 2013 which led to the Starrett’s publisher to reach out to Jill the next day and offer to publish her book, and from that offer, Jill decided to write The Roll Model
34:42  Tune Up Fitness serves clinicians as well as the general population with teacher trainings with 500 teachers worldwide
38:45  One of the coaches at San Francisco CrossFit, Yasmen Mehta, was able to take Jill’s teaching and apply it to her community
40:10  You are your own best role model
45:30  The Me Too movement really changed the course of the yoga community as a number of teachers fell from grace after using touch inappropriately
48:00  Fascia explained
49:10  There is new data on nerve load in fascial tissues calculates it at 250M sensory nerve endings in your fascia
50:24  Jill recently wrote a chapter on self myofascial release for the medical textbook, Fascia, Function, and Medical Application
52:10  We need to test/retest against an objective measure; Anatomy Trains, by Thomas Myers
57:07  Jill’s upcoming book is Body By Breath out early 2023; Dr. Stephen Porges; Dr. Andrew Huberman
60:15  What’s next for Jill – Online trainings, the book, and dusting off an old love: singing
63:00  Jill’s socials

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