Built To Move: Introducing the Vital Signs, a Simple Way to Assess and Ultimately Improve Your Ability to Move Throughout Life

Built To Move Vital Signs

Built To Move
Introducing the Vital Signs, a Simple Way to Assess and Ultimately Improve Your Ability to Move Throughout Life

We’re back with another bonus episode about our upcoming book, Built To Move: The Ten Essential Habits to Help You Move Freely and Live Fully. The book is structured around “Vital Signs” and we get into what that means, and why we think these vital signs in particular are a simple way to assess and ultimately improve your ability to move and do the things you want to do throughout your life. We can’t wait for the book to be released April 4, 2023 and hope you’ll join us in adopting these super simple habits that will serve you for life.

For more information about Built to Move or to pre-order, go to builttomove.com.

Studies, Vital Signs, and 80s Classics mentioned in the episode: 

00:31  Built to Move is structured around the term ‘Vital Signs’, but let’s define what we mean
01:25  Juliet mis-states a Russian saying that Kelly’s been quoting for years, Kelly dies a little – for the record it’s “When you stop jumping, you start dying”
01:55  This book is about the importance of movement – even if you aren’t in pain
03:24  As the Starretts and their peers navigate middle age, there is a common thread that people want to be able to be active when they are older, but no one is talking about what that might require now
06:45  As technology and society has progressed, the way we interact with our environment and others has fundamentally changed
07:45  The vital signs are centered around 3 ideas: how much you move, how well you move, and what lifestyle factors you have impact your ability to move and keep moving throughout your life
08:25  Listeners and readers might be surprised to know that not all the vital signs are focused on movement – but it all ties in
13:50  The 10 Vital Signs
15:15  We consider these core habits ‘basecamp’ behaviors
17:05  These behaviors aren’t difficult or complex – in general people know what they should be doing, but we aren’t in the habit
18:34  Our environments are no longer set up to make movement top of mind throughout the day – but these habits are behaviors that the Starretts have been able to incorporate easily into their lives
20:00  People are often asking for advice on ‘climbing Everest’ without first incorporating the habits that get them to ‘basecamp’
21:00  When BASL came out, the Starretts were in a different place – this book comes at a time when they are extremely busy but and they wanted a guide that any super busy person could follow right away
22:15  All of the habits and behaviors are accessible to anyone, which lends itself to consistency
23:20  No one’s goal is to be bedridden at 80 – most of us would say we want to be active and/or travel when we retire – but nowadays people are retiring in their 70s, not 50s
24:00  Even elite athletes, military, etc are missing some of these practices
24:41  “If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything” – Count Rugen, The Princess Bride
25:12  A WHO study highlights high cost of physical inactivity in first-ever global report
27:04  Built to Move is the handbook for the ‘node’ in the community to hand out
27:30  Juliet’s mom, Janet, wanted to hike more but didn’t have anyone to go with her, so she started a hiking club on Wednesday every week
28:15  Hyper-locality is how we are going to make change
29:30  In addition to making it accessible, the Starretts have tried to make the habits in Built to Move fun
32:25  There is really no hierarchy or order to the vital signs, you can do as much as you can and it doesn’t matter where you start – choose your own adventure
34:22  Built to Move is currently available for pre-order anywhere you buy books or at builtomove.com and it will officially be out April 4, 2023
34:40  Homework: Consider your physical non-negotiables

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