Jared Hanley: The Profound Health Benefits of Spending Time Outside in Natural Environments

Jared Hanley Getting Outside

Jared Hanley
The Profound Health Benefits of Spending Time Outside in Natural Environments

Jared Hanley is a co-founder and CEO of NatureQuant, a research and technology firm building tools to assess and promote nature exposure. Prior to founding NatureQuant, Jared used data science and statistical modeling techniques and provided advisory services in finance, energy, and real estate applications. He is a published author and speaker on ERISA laws and plans. He has a B.A. in Economics and a B.A. in Cognitive Science, both from Yale University. He is a FINRA-registered securities principal and a Chartered Financial Analyst.

We loved learning about Jared’s company NatureQuant. They’ve mapped the entire United States and you can use their app to track not just how MUCH outdoor time you are getting, but the QUALITY of the outdoor spaces you are spending time in.
Turns out you can really bump up the health benefits of being outdoors by choosing more natural environments.

For more info about Jared and NatureQuant, check out his website, follow him on LinkedIn, and definitely get the NatureDose App.

Points of interest in the episode: 

06:30  Jared was a professional adventure racer for over a decade; Rebecca Rusch; Shane Siegel
07:45  Favorite adventure race moment; riverboarding
09:15  How Jared became obsessed with outdoor exposure
12:30  The data and research
13:40  Stressful environments
15:45  For teens, data shows that spending outside improves sleep and mood
17:45  Population average for outdoor time
19:20  NatureDose
22:35  Outdoor exposure and disease; NatureScore
26:33  Population level changes; Dan Buettner
27:31  Urban greening
33:30  Minimum dose is 120 minutes per week in nature, not just outside, and each session should be at least 20 minutes
38:47  The processed food analogy
40:36  Outdoor exposure is a tough sell since it is such a long preventative behavior
41:52  What counts as nature?
43:46  Surprises found in the research
45:45  The reception to the data is overwhelmingly positive
46:08  Just going outside reduces healthcare costs
48:24  NatureQuant has received a grant from the European Commission to map all of Europe
48:46  Forest bathing [Japan] 49:00  Jared is hoping by 2025 they will have global coverage
50:45  The Walking School Bus
51:15  Early light/late light; Andrew Huberman; Jack Kruse
51:48  Jared is hoping to appeal to technology companies to prioritize outdoor exposure for public health
54:00  Download the free NatureDose App and check out NatureQuant.com for more information on their research
54:44  Connect with Jared on LinkedIn
55:01  Follow NatureDose on socials

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