Andy Galpin: Removing Performance Anchors, Strength and Cognition, and the Future of Digital Twins

Andy Galpin Strength and Cognition

Andy Galpin
Removing Performance Anchors, Strength and Cognition, and the Future of Digital Twins

Andy Galpin is a tenured full Professor at California State University, Fullerton, where he is also Co-Director of the Center for Sport Performance and Founder/Director of the Biochemistry and Molecular Exercise Physiology Laboratory. He is a Human Performance scientist with a PhD in Human Bioenergetics and over 100 peer-reviewed publications and presentations. Dr. Galpin has worked with elite athletes (including All-Star, All-Pro, MVP, Cy Young, Olympic Gold medalists, Major winners, World titlist/contenders, etc.) across the UFC, MLB, NBA, PGA, NFL, Boxing, Olympics, and Military/Special Forces, and more. He is also a Co-founder in Absolute Rest, BioMolecular Athlete, Vitality Blueprint, and RAPID Health & Performance.

Andy is the first scientist in our orbit that transcended the sports science into actual sport. He has such a unique perspective stemming from being not just a scientist, but a professor and coach. And this has led to his ability to synthesize all this research and make it understandable and applicable to the average person.

For more info about Andy, follow him on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Points of interest in the episode: 

07:25  This whole crew has IMDB pages
08:49  UFC Rising
08:48  Andy’s current jobs, roles, and companies
11:45  How Andy got involved in academics and science, because it’s not his background
14:45  Having to pay attention to the details
16:13  First principles
17:33  Humans want to look, feel, and perform a certain way
21:05  Andy was fortunate to intern for Mark Verstegen right out of college
21:32  Lee BrownDave Costill
26:30  A run down of some of Andy’s research
27:50  Performance anchors
29:45  Exhaustive data collection gives hyper precise, extremely simple solutions
30:46  One of Andy’s clinical examples
32:24  Emily Hightower; Dan Garner
34:50  “Maybe the highest calling of science should be to transform humanity” – from Consilience by E.O. Wilson
36:04  Athletes as the Gold Standard for Health
41:40  Understanding reference ranges
46:10  Digital twins
52:35  HRV predicting sport success and beyond
55:40  Vitality, Andy’s new project, coming soon
59:45  Why muscle is so important; Peter Attia’s Outlive; Gabrielle Lyon’s Forever Strong
1:06:00  Tommy Wood study on the association between strength and cognitive function
1:11:11  Criteria that significantly delay onset of disorders like Parkinsons and Alzheimers
1:15:20  Strength training is the most effective intervention for health outcomes
1:24:10  Kids and strength training; sleeping
1:27:05  The Quadrant: 1) physical practice, 2) recovery, 3) business, 4) relationships; Kenny Kane
1:34:20  Instagram Question: Nutrition that supports mitochondrial development for strength and endurance athletes?
1:37:25  Instagram Question: My LDL is always high even though I eat well, sleep well, and exercise about 4 days a week. Is there anything women can do to lower the LDL or should we not worry about it if we are eating, sleeping, and moving well?
1:40:00  Instagram Question: Does Dr. Galpin know of anecdotal evidence or studies which show if running performance is improved by a conditioning method like upper-body-only assault bike? Say for injured folks who can’t run… would that be an appropriate method to increase aerobic volume?
1:42:12  Instagram Question: What is the best way to lower your blood pressure? as a teacher and CF-LT coach, I trained 4-5 days a week, eat clean, (10% body fat) Yet my BP is 135/80. Both of my brothers have high BP, and I don’t want to have to use drugs to lower it. Is genetics just a curse or is there anything more I can do?; Cal Deitz
1:43:45  Andy’s socials


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