Tom Brose

S4EP5: Tom Brose
Community Builder

Tom Brose took a trip to Santa Cruz in 2005 to check out something called CrossFit. He trained alongside some of the earliest CrossFit legends, and learned directly from CrossFit founder, Greg Glassman. The intensity stunned him and the insights transformed his view of fitness. But what impressed him the most was the community. Tom has kept this in mind running his affiliate, and the people around him gush about what an amazing community of coaches and members he has built. We get to hear how Tom discovered CrossFit, what the early days were like, and how CrossFit DC has evolved over the years.

For more info on Tom, check out CrossFit DC, or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

People, Organizations, and Stoner Sports mentioned in the episode:
[02:58]  Tom’s CrossFit origin story
[03:20]  Dragon Door Message Board
[04:49]  Pavel Tsatsouline
[04:58]  Greg Glassman
[09:10]  The Brand X Method
[09:21]  Grace
[09:40]  Fran, Josh Everett
[10:04]  The Kipping Pull Up
[10:43]  L1 – CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course
[11:08]  Greg Amundson, Eva T
[12:30]  Nicole Carroll
[12:35]  Tom describes his first gym space, AKA The Alley
[12:43]  West Marine, for ropes in the early days
[13:12]  Bill Henniger, founder of Rogue Fitness
[13:20]  Concept2
[13:30]  Club One
[16:50]  CrossFit DC
[16:37]  CrossFit Chupacabra
[18:00]  Tom was more interested in Punk Rock than team sports growing up
[22:34]  Tess! Territory Foods
[24:21]  Tom talks about his Mentor Program being his proudest achievement
[24:35]  CrossFit Regionals, USA Weightlifting’s American Open
[28:03]  Ultimate, don’t call it Ultimate Frisbee
[28:08]  Tom insinuates that Hacky Sack is a stoner game and not a sport, the internet disagrees. See also Freestyle Footbag 
[29:36]  Mike Rutherford
[29:50]  Bad programming decisions – Kelly: Tour du Fran; Tom: Super Bowl of Suffering
[30:28]  Pain Storm, Brand X, CrossFit Central Scotland
[31:18]  Remembering the In-N-Out phase: keeping a burger down while completing a WOD. And also, SFCF’s Cinco de Mayo challenge: row 500m and then chug a beer. We can file these under bad programming decisions as well.
[33:20]  What would Tom go back in time and tell himself?
[38:05]  What’s next for Tom
[41:19]  Tom’s digits and socials

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