Hollis Molloy

Never Subpar

Hollis Molloy has been part of CrossFit from the beginning and is one of only a handful of Certified Level 4 CrossFit Coaches worldwide. He is the co-owner of CrossFit Santa Cruz, and believes that everyone is an athlete, regardless of current ability or past experience. He does not tolerate subpar movement in his classes and works to inspire athletes to become the best possible movers. For Hollis, CrossFit is a way of expressing our true potential as human beings. When not in his gym, he travels the world as a CrossFit Seminar Staff member teaching both the Level 1 and Level 2 Seminars. Kelly has always said that “there are few coaches that are able to effectively blend technical ability, passion, and the capacity to understand and address an athlete’s weaknesses as well as Coach Hollis”. In this episode we hear about how Hollis went from an unhealthy weight to taking over the original CrossFit HQ space, and running it successfully for over a decade.

For more info on Hollis and CrossFit Santa Cruz, check them out here, or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

People, Organizations, and Coffee mentioned in the episode:
[02:50]  Hollis’ CrossFit origin story
[04:06]  Annie Sakamoto
[05:24]  The Starretts visit Beth Dorsey, and go to the original CrossFit gym for the first time
[08:12]  Hollis decides to take the Level 1 Certification which includes a host of crushing workouts: Tabata Squats, Frelen, Fight Gone Bad, lifting with Coach Burgener, and an hour with Mark Rippetoe
[09:28]  Play It Again Sports
[12:07]  Dave Werner 12:34 Hollis’ Business Partner, Laurie Galassi
[15:12]  How Hollis came to own the original CrossFit
[16:25]  Greg Amundson
[17:20]  What would Hollis go back and tell his younger self?
[20:09]  Coach Glassman’s early articles: What is Fitness?, What is CrossFit?, Foundations
[26:00]  Hollis’ thoughts on CrossFit’s recent shift back to a more health-centered focus
[26:49]  Annie Sakamoto, Firebreather
[27:24]  Stairmaster Gravitron
[27:58]  Hollis’ current training regimen
[30:20]  Laurie Galassi
[31:39]  What’s next for Hollis?
[33:40]  Coffeetopia, Kelly’s favorite Latte in Santa Cruz
[33:54]  Hollis’ Socials

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