Dr. Stacy Sims

Sex Differences

Dr. Stacy Sims is an exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist specializing in sex differences in response to exercise heat stress, recovery, and nutritional adaptations for health, body composition, and maximizing performance. She authored one of Juliet’s all time favorite health and fitness books, Roar, which is a comprehensive guide to nutrition and training designed especially for women. We talk about all our favorite topics as they relate to kids and really start to get an understanding of why kids aren’t just little adults and how girls and boys are inherently different.

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Books, Documentaries, Apps, and Races mentioned in the episode:
Roar, by Stacy Sims (9:33, 34:10)
Sex Differences after puberty (10:12)
Pre, during, and post workout nutrition (18:20)
Fitr Woman App (22:13)
The truth about Gatorade and Powerade (30:35)
“Eat. Race. Win.” Docuseries (34:20)
Eat. Race. Win. Cookbook (34:50)
Levi’s Gran Fondo (35:00)
Advice for parent of boys trying to put on mass (35:45)
Adams Centre for High Performance (39:14)
Nic Gill’s Blog (39:34)
Educating parents on what is good food (41:25)
Marion Nestle (41:35)
Michael Pollan (41:35)
Goldfish, chicken fingers and the gut microbiome (43:14)
Eat. Race. Win., by Hannah Grant and Stacy Sims

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