Gray Cook

Functional Movement

Gray Cook is a physical therapist, lecturer, author, and instructor. He founded Functional Movement Systems which promotes the concept of movement screening and assessment. Gray has been a seminal figure in how we think about and quantify movement, and how we communicate the language of movement. We get into the state of children’s health and what’s missing from global agreement about movement after a child passes the 21 month old mark. We also get some great takeaways about free play and how a half foam roller can change everything.

For more information on Gray and Functional Movement Systems, check out his website, the FMS website, or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Studies, products, and resources mentioned in the episode:
The World Health Organization stops agreeing about human movement at 21 months (8:25)
Dr. Mark Benden and stats on our population that can qualify to serve in the military (16:45)
President’s Counsel on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition (18:00)
Why should we care about our movement and mobility? (18:50)
Assessing movement vital signs in kids (25:08)
Perform Better Foam Rollers that Gray sent home with the kids at school (29:00)
Article about the 4Bs – Breathe, Bend, Balance, and Bounce (31:15)
How kid’s movement literacy has changed over time (38:45)
Dr. Ed Thomas (39:16)
Erwan LeCorre (42:07)
After 18mo your kid can’t be in a stroller and no more car carriers outside of the car (42:35)
Plato’s thoughts on letting kids run free until age 6 or 7 (44:15)
Functional Movement Screens (53:03)
Y Balance Test (53:39)
Selective Functional Movement Assessment (53:44)
Gray’s Blog (58:57)
Gray’s lectures at OTP Books (59:30)
Gray’s talk at Google (1:00:42)

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