Pivotal Coaching – Making the Complex Simple, Connecting the Dots, and Healthy Movement Nutrition

Pivotal Coaching Movement Nutrition

Pivotal Coaching
Making the Complex Simple, Connecting the Dots, and Healthy Movement Nutrition

Hayley Hollander and Scott Hopson are the co-founders of Pivotal Coaching – a global development company empowering people to fulfill their greatest potential.

Scott is an internationally recognized leader in human performance, coaching and education. In a career spanning 25 years his work has impacted over 100,000 coaches and leaders in more than a 100-countries world-wide. At the heart of his extensive leadership work is the ability to empower and develop people by making the complex simple, to create breakthrough performances. Scott is renowned for his passion and impact in professional coach development and youth coaching. In addition to Pivotal, Scott is co-founder of PTA Global, Education Director for the Gray Institute, a Team EXOS education specialist, and Chairman of the Global Advisory Board at Power Plate.

Over her 20+ year career, Hayley’s leadership, programming, and content creation has influenced the masses. She has coached and educated thousands of clients, teams, athletes, and coaches from all over the world. Hayley is renowned for program creation and implementation, and her work can be found in major health club chains, university recreation centers, non-profit wellness centers, and professional sports training centers. In addition to Pivotal, Hayley is the Co-Director of Education for Gray Institute, Precor Master Coach, and Power Plate Master Trainer.

Scott and Hayley join us to talk about connecting with the human inside the human body, rebuilding an industry that is hitting bottom, and healthy movement nutrition.

For more info about Pivotal check out their website, or follow them on Instagram.

Organizations, Tools, and Zombie Movies mentioned in the episode: 

05:07  First things first, Scott is now a competitive pandemic tennis player; Hayley is also a competitive tennis player
06:05  Kelly stalks Pivotal on social
07:21  What is Pivotal?
08:37  The Kelly/Pivotal origin story; Exos; World War Z; Brad Pitt
11:02  Exos, formerly Athlete’s Performance, is one of the world leaders in high level human performance
11:49  “Inside the human body is a human being. The art of coaching is to connect in significant and meaningful ways to the human being cuz they’re driving the bus.” – Scott Hopson
13:13  The Pivotal Coaching origin story
16:57  Growing Pivotal and the pandemic
20:53  The Pivotal model explained
22:05  Scott and Hayley are driven by their volunteer work; Chicago Air and Water Show
23:21  Meta-trends within the youth population
24:10  This is the first generation of youth in history that have a lower life expectancy than their parents
24:37  There are 56M kids in youth sports with 3.5M coaches where over 95% of volunteers have no education in movement, coaching, or children
26:27  How do we tackle the issue of unskilled coaches in youth sports when we rely on volunteers?; Positive Coaching Alliance
27:00  We have to create accessible education for any human being that is going to coach movement
27:45  “Healthy Movement Nutrition”
28:38  We need to make the Khan Academy of movement
31:37  How do we get people to care?
34:15  England Soccer
35:47  The industry is actually not innovative but rather reformative; It’s time to rebuild
36:40  We are helping the people in our narrow vertical be better, but not a doing a good job helping the general population
37:48  Every human being has the right to own their own health
39:08  Is injury prevention possible?
41:23  Pivotal works with a lot of trainers at big facilities; IDEA; CanFit Pro; Frans Bosch
43:30  A big percentage of gyms/clubs/studios are not coming back after closing during the pandemic and Scott believes something innovative will refill the space
44:20  Digital fitness is very prominent right now, but people will come back; Peloton; Tonal; Rogue
46:05  What are we getting right?
48:16  What are Scott and Hayley excited about right now?
51:50  Hayley has a rare condition called Subglottic Stenosis and just had surgery to remove a tumor on her trachea
54:35  Working with your spouse: if you can’t imagine it, maybe you’re with the wrong person
61:06  Pivotal Socials

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