Annie Thorisdottir – 2x CrossFit Games Champion, Overcoming Postpartum Depression, and Balancing Sport and Motherhood

Annie Thoridottir CrossFit Games Champion

Annie Thorisdottir
2x CrossFit Games Champion, Overcoming Postpartum Depression, and Balancing Sport and Motherhood

Annie Thorisdottir is a two-time CrossFit Games Champion. After only a couple of months of CrossFit practice, Annie competed in the 2009 CrossFit Games where she famously performed her first muscle-up mid-competition. Her 1st place wins came shortly after in 2011 and 2012 making her the first female athlete to ever win the CrossFit Games twice. Of her eleven Games appearances, she has podiumed six times. Annie took a break in 2020 to have her first child and was back at it placing 3rd in 2021. Annie is known for competing with a smile and her infectious positive attitude. Annie lives in Iceland with her partner, fellow CrossFit Games athlete Frederik Aegidius and their daughter Freyja.

For more info about Annie, follow her Instagram channels Annie Thorisdottir and Dottir.

Partners, Coaches, and Legendary Snatches mentioned in the episode: 

04:47  We have watched Annie’s 200lb Snatch at the 2021 CrossFit Games a weird amount of times
08:37  Kelly and Juliet were at the 2009 CF Games where Annie performed her first muscle-up
08:50  Motherhood has affected Annie in so many ways
10:03  Being a mom means you have to learn to compartmentalize
11:34  Competing in the 2021 Games meant being away from her daughter Freyja for 2 weeks which was really hard
14:20  Annie experienced postpartum depression but decided to talk about it publicly which turned out to really help her and was also helpful to many other women
24:50  Annie’s partner of 10+ years is Frederik Aegidius, CF Games athlete and pro-footballer
26:40  Annie’s longtime coach is Jami Tikkanen
28:08  Being on “Team Queen” – when your partner is a person with superior brains and athletic ability, even if you are also a professional athlete
29:27  Annie’s background and athletic life pre-CrossFit
30:15  Annie is a pole vaulting champion
32:20  “Iceland Annie”
33:35  The evolution of CrossFit after 2009
35:52  Annie co-owns CrossFit Reykjavik
36:21  Training after injury
38:40  Jami Tikkanen is an underestimated coaching genius
39:00  Typical training schedule
43:15  Being with a single coach (Jami) all these years has had a huge impact and is very uncommon
48:00  What is Annie looking forward to; Rogue Invitational
49:15  Annie and Katrin Davidsdottir have some big projects coming out soon
51:25  Annie’s Socials

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