Lindsay Berra: Growing Up with Baseball Legend Yogi Berra and the Emotional Documentary that Goes Beyond the “Yogisms”

Lindsay Berra Yogi Berra

Lindsay Berra
Growing Up with Baseball Legend Yogi Berra and the Emotional Documentary that Goes Beyond the “Yogi-isms”

Lindsay Berra is a freelance sports journalist based in New Jersey. She is the oldest grandchild of Carmen and Baseball Hall of Famer Yogi Berra and serves as an executive producer of the brand new documentary, IT AIN’T OVER, an intimate and revealing portrait of Yogi Berra. She currently creates content for Mustard, the pitching biomechanics app developed by Tom House, and contributes regularly to Men’s Health magazine. Her work has also appeared in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Fast Company and The Sports Business Journal. Lindsay has also hosted the sports nutrition and training podcast Food of the Gods, been a national correspondent for the MLB, and a writer for ESPN Magazine.

We were delighted to get to talk with our friend Lindsay about the process of making a documentary about a larger than life baseball great through the lens of a journalist, fan, and adoring granddaughter.

For more info about Lindsay follow her on TwitterInstagram, and definitely check out IT AIN’T OVER,

Docs, Legends, and Knives mentioned in the episode: 

05:35  Knives Out: Long story short, Kelly loves knives, Lindsay lost a sentimental knife, Kelly sends Lindsay a new knife; Opinel
10:09  Reading glasses AND sunglasses, how? No one has answers.
12:30  Lindsay is here to talk about her new documentary, It Ain’t Over, about her Grampa Yogi
13:00  Lindsay’s background in athletics
14:45  Lindsay and Kelly’s origin story; Annie Thorisdottir
15:18  Lindsay played men’s hockey in highschool and college; Anson Dorrance
16:30  Growing up with Yogi Berra as your grandfather
18:30  Yogi’s personality ended up overshadowing his athletic career
20:22  Yogi’s stats are LEGENDARY; Joe DeMaggio
22:34  Before Yogi died, at the 2015 All Star Game, the “4 greatest living baseball players” were honored – Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Johnny Bench, Sandy Koufax – and Lindsay wondered why Yogi wasn’t included
26:45  What made Yogi so durable and resilient?
30:40  Carmen and Yogi’s meet cute at Biggie’s in St. Louis; Joe Garagiola
35:16  Uncle Dale’s story about Yogi
36:10  Believe you can deliver
38:43  Yogi said he was amphibious (read: ambidextrous)
36:30  The greatest generation
43:00  Yogi was beloved by so many that it is mind blowing
44:00  Yogi was one of the first athletes with product endorsements; Yoo-hoo
47:30  Yogi did commercials until he was about 85, like the Aflac commercial; Ron Guidry
48:40  Yogi was quoted by every American president since Gerald Ford
48:55  Lindsay’s favorite Yogi-isms
50:40  Lindsay is not a filmmaker
52:15  It Ain’t Over premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival
52:25  Even if you aren’t a baseball fan, this movie is about a lot more than baseball
55:40  Lindsay’s socials

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