Kyla Channell: Fueling for Performance, Common Misconceptions, and Why Carbs are King

Kyla Channell Why Carbs are King

Kyla Channell
Fueling for Performance, Common Misconceptions, and Why Carbs are King

Kyla Channell is a Degreed Nutritional Practitioner, specializing in elite athlete fueling for each unique sport and sex differences between athletes. She is the founder of Nutritional Revolution where she works 1:1 with clients providing nutrition plans tailored to each athlete’s specific sport, body, training schedule and goals. There is so much confusion around nutrition in sport and nutrition in general, and you’ll walk away from this conversation with a much better understanding of how and why you should fuel for performance (at any level).

For more info about Kyla, check out the Nutritional Revolution website, follow them on Instagram, and definitely listen to her podcast.

Mentors, Races, and Fat-Free Candy mentioned in the episode: 

06:10  Kyla joins us from her home office in Woodacre, just over the hill from our studio
06:20  Kyla is a founding member of the “Failed State Bike Club” and she has very much informed how the Starretts fuel for rides
07:05  Kyla’s mom was the first female highway patrol officer in Marin County
08:45  Kyla is a UC Davis grad
09:15  Kyla explains how she came to be interested in nutrition and being diagnosed with Celiac disease
10:40  In the early 2000s there weren’t many gluten-free options
11:35  There is a lot of unnecessary gluten avoidance because it’s been a trendy nutrition strategy
13:40  With Celiac and anemia, Kyla got very interested in nutrition
14:35  Sports nutrition wasn’t much of a thing when Kyla was in school so she did a double major in Clinical dietetics and Kinesiology, but her education didn’t really bridge the gap between nutrition and performance
15:40  Kyla did a sports nutrition internship with Dr. Liz Applegate that ran the whole D1 sports nutrition program at UC Davis, which is where she fell in love with sports nutrition
16:25  After Davis, Kyla got to work with Dr. Stacy Sims at Osmo and Purple Patch
17:30  Kyla founded Nutritional Revolution working primarily with endurance athletes – runners, gravel cyclists, ironman athletes, ultra runners
19:15  Nutrition and hydration make a huge difference for endurance athletes
19:50  Case Study: Building a plan for a 60+yo male endurance athlete doing a half ironman; Maple Valley 70.3
21:35  Kelly ran the Quad Dipsea and says it is miserable to try to eat while running
22:10  Sweat testing explained
24:55  Whole foods vs. gels for fueling
26:25  Gut training
26:49  For a long time it was believed that you could not consume more than 60g of carbs per hour (1g of carbs per minute), but now it is understood that you can gut train and consume way more carbs per hour
31:00  Back to the case study – he’s consuming 114g carbs per hour which is the equivalent to 6 bananas per hour; Tailwind
33:35  Undereating
34:55  The fear of carbs
38:20  Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (REDs)
39:30  Orthorexia
41:45  Body recompositioning
43:09  The most common misconception is that carbs are bad
46:16  Don’t drink your calories, but there are always exceptions to statements like that
48:00  Fueling changes based on your activity level
49:39  Basic guidelines
52:52  Running a small business
54:15  At what point should someone seek out nutrition coaching?
57:18  Red Vines are fat free
58:30  Kyla’s socials

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