Brent Brookbush: Transforming Continuing Education, Evidence-Based Practice, and How to Be a Better Consumer of Research

Brent Brookbush Evidence-Based Practice

Brent Brookbush
Transforming Continuing Education, Evidence-Based Practice, and How to Be a Better Consumer of Research

Dr. Brent Brookbush has been an impassioned human movement professional since 1998, and an impassioned educator since 2004. As the founder and CEO of the Brookbush Institute, Brent is on a mission to transform education by creating a subscription platform offering short evidence-based courses and certifications that are affordable, highly consumable, and widely accessible. Brent is also an expert in understanding and disseminating research and we spend a lot of time in this episode talking through “evidence-based practice” and understanding how to be better consumers of research.

For more info about Brent, check out the Brookbush Institute and follow them on Instagram.

Books, Models, and Pointillist Painters mentioned in the episode: 

07:10  Brent runs of through who he is and what the Brookbush Institute is all about
09:55  Everyone agrees that “movement professional” is a great way to put it
11:23  The outcomes don’t care about what your title is
14:24  Brent is part of a second generation making continuing education much more accessible; Gary Gray; Mike Clark; Gray Cook
16:33  Brent runs through why he wanted to change the way we consume courses and certifications
18:15  Brent decided he wanted to make courses that were online, multimedia, bite-sized pieces, modular, and scalable
Khan Academy; Audible
21:04  The Brookbush Institute adopted the Netflix subscription model and realized that achieving a certain subscriber base, could greatly reduce the upfront cost of education
24:28  You have to have a masters degree in education to teach high school, but to teach a doctorate, you don’t need to know anything about education
25:55  Brent feels fortunate that he was taught “evidence-based, systematic, integrated, outcome driven” right off the bat
28:00  TRS recently ran a poll on Instagram on whether listening to a book on tape counts as reading, Brent weighs in
30:55  Brent fills us in on his top books for business – The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, The Goal by Eli Goldbradt, Deep Work by Cal Newport
33:30  The Moor’s Last Sigh by Salman Rushdie is one of Kelly’s favorites
36:29  Brent defines “evidence-based practice” and references the “Three Legged Stool” (Sackett et al) – outcomes, peer reviewed research, professional experience
40:10  The Brookbush Institute tries to stay practical and outcome driven
41:40  Assessments should reliable and objective (observable, measurable, and repeatable)
43:13  Cherry picking
46:45  Research myths
48:42  Hierarchy of research types; Seurat
51:30  The Brookbush Institute social does a great job of help us be better consumers of research
55:30  Life if probabilistic not binary
59:10  Example: Correlation between knee valgus and future risk of ACL injury; Tim Hewett
62:45  Correlation vs. Causation; Bradford Hill criteria
66:20  How do regular people navigate all the misinformation?
73:25  Brent’s socials

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