Tom Morris: Resilience Mindset, Controlling the Controllables, and Achieving Goals Regardless of Circumstance

Tom Morris Mindset

Tom Morris
Resilience Mindset

Tom Morris is in his 16th year within the Indiana Strength and Conditioning department of Indiana University, serving as the senior Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Performance for the department of intercollegiate athletics. He is responsible for the development and implementation of sport specific strength, conditioning, flexibility, speed, and agility programs for Indiana’s 24 men’s and women’s NCAA Division I programs including the 8x national champion men’s soccer program.

In 2012, Tom suffered a catastrophic injury that changed everything. We get to learn all about this life threatening event and how Tom now uses his energy and passion for life to show others that anything is attainable if you just start and never give up.

For more info about Tom, check out Tom Morris Performance and follow him on Instagram.

Points of interest in the episode: 

03:50  Tom joins us from Indiana University; Gene Hackman/Hoosiers
06:30  Tom’s role at IU
10:20  Tom was always an athlete – football and most recently bike racing – and was totally addicted to endurance sports
11:40  Tom describes the accident
15:35  The injury/diagnosis
17:00  The cracker test
20:10  Tom’s injury history – spoiler: none
21:30  Control the controllables
23:44  Tom’s Mindset
28:50  Coaching after the accident without the use of demos
33:26  Tom’s physical practice
37:20  Tom gets back to biking; Bowhead
39:35  Tom still crashes
40:45  IU assured Tom that he’d still have a job when he was ready; Fred Glass
43:35  Youth and high school athletes moving on to college; Coach Aaron Wellman
49:05  Leadership and life skills
53:15  Many athletes get to college sport and have never been in a weight room
55:40  Sports Psychologists
61:15  Athletics and technology
67:53  Athlete sponsorship
70:30  Tom’s socials

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