Tia Toomey: Finding Your Why, Rejecting Complacency, and Developing a Champion’s Mindset

Tia Toomey Champion 's Mindset

Tia Toomey
Finding Your Why, Rejecting Complacency, and Developing a Champion’s Mindset

Tia Toomey was named one of the world’s fittest women by Sports Illustrated, and is a six-time CrossFit Games champion, Olympic weightlifter, and Commonwealth Games gold medalist. She is the only CrossFit athlete to have competed in the CrossFit Games and the Olympics in the same year. With her sixth title, she solidified her record-breaking streak as the most successful CrossFit athlete the sport has ever seen. Tia’s new book, THE HEART IS THE STRONGEST MUSCLE was released on 2/13.

We loved getting to understand how Tia went from great to unstoppable, and that the missing piece isn’t always physical, even in high performance. She is a new mom and a banner example of how women CAN have it all, including babies and demanding careers competing in elite sport.

For more info on Tia, check out her new book and follow her on Instagram.

Points of interest in the episode: 

03:40  Tia tries to explain what she does to strangers on planes, but doesn’t mention she’s a champion
04:40  Tia’s athletic background and finding CrossFit; Shane Orr; Net Ball; Nippers
09:00  Tia liked the constant challenge of trying, failing, and then mastering movements in CrossFit
15:40  Tia’s CrossFit career and becoming a world champion; Commonwealth Games
19:50  Tia and Shane have an online training program, PRVN Fitness and gym, PRVN Nashville
20:30  Tia manages to do it all and credits her partnership with Shane
23:15  Tia creates opportunities for herself and doesn’t rely on others
27:22  CrossFit seems ahead of the game in the parity between the pay between male and female athletes
28:29  PRVN just opened in Nashville
33:30  Tia’s new book, The Heart is the Strongest Muscle, was released on 2/13/24
34:40  Champion’s mindset
38:10  Complacency
43:30  Parenting and doubts
49:15  Tia will be competing in the CrossFit Games this year
51:25  Pregnancy as a professional athlete; Annie Thorisdottir
55:29  Tia’s socials and book


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