Stefi Cohen: From Soccer to Olympic Lifting to Powerlifting to Boxing, How Determination and Grit Shattered All the Barriers

Stefi Cohen Powerlifting

Stefi Cohen
From Soccer to Olympic Lifting to Powerlifting to Boxing, How Determination and Grit Shattered All the Barriers

Stefi Cohen is a 25-time world record holding powerlifter and the strongest woman pound for pound in the world. She has dedicated her life to pushing the boundaries of what is physically possible. In addition to her passion for sports, Stefi is also a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Exercise Physiologist, using her knowledge and experience to educate the public about health and fitness by sharing evidence-based information using a no-BS approach. As an author, podcast host, YouTuber, and influencer, she uses her platform to encourage others to focus on building themselves from within. Stefi is also an advocate for women’s rights and strives to inspire younger generations to make a positive impact on those around them through their skills and talents.

We get into Stefi’s background coming to the US, finding strength sports, going to PT school while launching a business and competing professionally, and everything that’s transpired since – which includes dominating in multiple professional sports.

For more info about Stefi, check out Hybrid Performance Method and follow her on Instagram.

Coaches, CrossFit Athletes and Regrets mentioned in the episode: 

05:10  Stefi’s first love was soccer and she played on Venezuela’s National Team
07:04  Stefi moved to the US after getting a soccer scholarship to San Diego State
08:50  Leaving school and soccer at San Diego State
09:30  Some people are so talented and have some much mental determination and grit that if given the right training they could excel in several sports; Peter Sagan
12:15  Stefi believes that anyone can harness the skill of resilience, grit, and accepting discomfort
12:35  Stefi comes from a family of role models
14:15  Regret
18:08  Stefi ultimately left competitive soccer and college and moved to Miami which felt more like home
19:50  Entering a discovery period to find skills, talent, and passions
22:00  Stefi found CrossFit through Miami classmate, Noah Ohlsen
23:35  Stefi started working with Olympic Lifting coach, Camilo Garcia
25:30  Stefi switched to powerlifting in grad school
25:50  DPT school – Stefi and Kelly had very similar, terrible experiences, but no regrets
33:00  The origin of Hybrid Performance Method
35:10  Stefi is so desensitized to stress that going to PT school, powerlifting competitively, and starting/running a business didn’t feel that bad – although she didn’t sleep much
36:37  Stefi actually got kicked out of her PT program for getting a 74% on a test
42:25  Becoming the strongest woman in the world without liking the training
45:00  Stefi moved on from powerlifting and is currently a professional boxer
47:25  Soccer seems to be a stellar building block for athleticism
52:14  Stefi started boxing in 2020; Tony Sentmanat
57:53  Discomfort
59:50  Stefi’s next fight in June 8, 2023 in Los Angeles, CA and another fight at the end of 2023 at Madison Square Garden
60:09  After boxing Stefi is considering extreme endurance sports, David Goggins style
60:36  Stefi’s Socials

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