Jim “Smitty” Smith: Everyone’s Favorite Strength and Conditioning Coach, Ageless Athletes, and Lifelong Learning

Jim "Smitty" Smith Strength and Conditioning Coach

Jim “Smitty” Smith
Everyone’s Favorite Strength and Conditioning Coach, Ageless Athletes, and Lifelong Learning

Jim Smith or Smitty is the owner of Diesel Strength & Conditioning. He has dedicated his life to helping others fall in love with fitness. Developing the Ageless Athlete protocol, Smitty has created the solution for all lifters and athletes who want to train pain free and reach their goals – in and out of the gym. Smitty also co-created the best hands-on practical certification called the CPPS certification, along with Joe DeFranco, that has changed the lives of PT’s, coaches, trainers, and lifters all over the world. Smith is a highly respected and world-renowned author, strength & conditioning coach, and lecturer, who has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years.

Smitty is everyone’s favorite strength and conditioning coach and we get into his background, S&C lineage, and his insatiable thirst for knowledge.

For more info about Smitty, check out the Diesel Strength & Conditioning and follow him on Instagram.

Mentors, Certs, and Protocols mentioned in the episode: 

06:45  Kelly and Smitty go way back
08:40  Smitty’s day to day and general outlook on coaching
11:15  Grit and Smitty’s background from farm work to wrestling
13:30  Smitty gets his first NSCA certification and his S&C lineage begins; Buddy Morris; Dave Tate; Louie Simmons; Alwyn Cosgrove: Jason Ferruggia; Eric Cressey; Pavel Tsatsouline
17:00  Smitty has transitioned to all online coaching and he and Joe DeFranco run the CPPS Certification that they created
18:45  Entrepreneurship and the many offerings Smitty has including the Ageless Athlete Series
22:50  Specificity and Dynamic Correspondence; Dr. Yuri Verkhoshansky
27:11  Young athletes need stability
30:20  Coordination; Frans Bosch; AJ Roberts
32:33  Strength training is all about facilitating lines of tension
33:31  Ageless Athlete 5.0; Steve Maxwell
38:22  The Ageless Athlete protocol is for everybody…even if you are 18, you train as if you are 50 so you can love training for the rest of your life
41:45  Smitty’s thinking (like Kelly’s) is iterative
50:03  As life has become more connected (everything transitioning to online) we have become less connected and are losing relationship building skills
60:40  Smitty’s socials

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