Dr. Nick DiNubile

Dr. Nick DiNubile

Dr. Nick DiNubile
Longevity vs. Durability

Dr. Nick DiNubile is an Orthopaedic Surgeon specializing in Sports Medicine and is a Clinical Assistant Professor of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He is the author of the bestselling book, FrameWork- Your 7 Step Program for Healthy Muscles, Bones & Joints and is Executive Producer and host of the award winning national PBS television special, Your Body’s FrameWork. Dr. Nick has served on The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports with Arnold Schwarzenegger and also sits on the board as well as serves as the Chief Medical Officer of The American Council on Exercise (ACE). He has worked with Philadelphia 76ers, the Pennsylvania Ballet, and countless athletes and celebrities. Most recently he has been named Vice President of The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. We talk about boomers, injuries plaguing young female athletes and Dr. Nick raises the point that it’s not about longevity as much as it’s about durability.

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People, Books, and Boomers mentioned in the episode:

04:46  We don’t always age symmetrically, some parts are young, while other parts are very old
05:14  Tuesdays with Morrie paraphrase: “Parts of me are every age”
05:56  In the late 1900s the #1 reason people used to go to the doctor was the common cold. In 2000, that changed to musculoskeletal issues. And has remained that way ever since.
06:23  Dr. Nick coined the term “boomeritis”
06:50  If you are over the age of 40 or 50, you’ve got weak links in your body whether you know it or not. You’ve got to find these weak links before they find you.
07:48  Dr. Nick talks about why we are seeing this shift to musculoskeletal issues. Two words: Boomers.
08:57  Imbalances in your frame, single sports or a singular training style can be very problematic
10:03  Aging changes your collagen
14:47  Getting people to care before they get hurt
15:34  Dr. Nick is seeing an issue with young female athletes – bones reach maximum density in your 20s, so you have to build this up early on
16:15  There is an epidemic of young female athletes with ACL tears. During reconstruction power tools are needed for young males, but young females can be drilled by hand which indicates early stages of osteoporosis.
18:48  Assessments are crucial so that people can get ahead of asymptomatic issues before they become injuries
20:31  Bert Mandelbaum
21:13  Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, Drew Brees, Carson Wentz, Zach Ertz have all come back to sport at an elite level after ACL reconstructions, but are still at high risk for osteoarthritis.
21:57  20% of young female athletes with ACL reconstruction will re-tear that same ACL, and 10% will tear the other ACL
22:18  We need to train our young female athletes differently. After puberty, young girls start landing differently from jumps than boys do.
24:37  Framework, by Dr. Nick DiNubile
24:57  Longevity vs. Durability
25:42  In 100 years we’ve almost doubled the human lifespan but evolution is not fast enough to give you a body that’s going to last that long
26:44  We have to get people to do assessments to identify the weak links and get ahead of these issues
29:09  Framework lists the top 20 ailments and gives workarounds for strengthening exercises
31:19  People in health and wellness seem to all agree on the basic principles- Sleep, stress management, eat some vegetables, get some exercise etc, but people are still very confused on the how’s of everything
32:41  Ernst Winder, one of the first doctors that made the connection that smoking may cause lung cancer and he was ostracized by the medical community who were still investing in cigarettes.
33:39  The achievement of longevity will bring the challenge of durability to the forefront of modern medicine
34:21  In the end, its really the basics that will serve us best
35:52  Dr. Nick has done a lot of work with ACE to help make sure coaches and trainers are more aware of these musculoskeletal problems
38:00  Dr. Nick is the VP of the American Academy of Anti-Aging
38:42  Dr. Nick is most excited about the future of regenerative medicine and accelerating healing
42:01  American Council on Exercise (ACE)
42:13  Dr. Nick was on the The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the chairman
42:19  Allen Iverson, Cal Ripken Jr.
44:18  Arnold Schwarzenegger told Dr. Nick it doesn’t take a lot more work to reach 100K people than it does to reach 100 people
46:18  Pain accelerates aging
51:25  Dr. Nick’s take on nutrition, inflammation ie. sugar, white bread “the whiter the bread, the sooner you’re dead”
52:26  For every extra pound a person carries, the knee reads it as 5-7 pounds, so there is an exponential overload on your joint with even small amounts of weight gain
54:55  Dr. Nick’s socials
55:09  What’s next for Dr. Nick – a book on female athletes and he expects it to be controversial

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