Season 5

Season 5 of The Ready State Podcast is here and it is all about AGING and LONGEVITY. Aging is a universal experience and yet we often feel powerless to its effects. We want to dig into this subject and learn about all the environmental and lifestyle factors that contribute to how we age, how long we live, and our quality of life as we age. Is it all about genetics? Or can we make a positive impact on how we age and increase longevity by making more educated choices? How does life, health, and sport change as we age? What actionable advice can we implement right now?

We rounded up some friends that are not letting age define them. We check in to see what nutrition, sleep, and exercise look like for those that seem to have this aging thing down. People from Gabby Reece to Mark Sisson and Erwan Le Corre. Join us and get a little insight and some actionable advice so we can push further and redefine what health and performance look like on the back half of this journey we call life.


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