Gabby Reece

Gabby Reece

Gabby Reece
75 Inches of Badass

We are so excited to kick off this season on Aging and Longevity with Gabby Reece who is a legend on and off the court. Not only is she a Pro Beach Volleyball World Champion, but she is also a New York Times best selling author, model, actress, Nike’s first female spokeswoman, TV host, and leader in the world of health and wellness. Gabby is an avid proponent of empowering people to take responsibility for their own health and together with her husband, surfing legend, Laird Hamilton, she founded XPT – Extreme Performance Training. Gabby has become a role model to women worldwide in achieving peak fitness, good health, and overall well-being for themselves and their entire family.

For more info on Gabby, check out XPT or follow her on Instagram.

People, Studies, and Junk Food mentioned in the episode:

04:50 Gabby’s background in volleyball
07:36 Gabby still has standing records at Florida State
09:18 Gabby talks about what she would do differently if she could go back
10:46 Getting people to care about mechanics and mobility before they are injured
13:29 Red Vines have protein so they are healthy, right?
14:40 Is there a critical point at which we need to start training in order to be healthy in our 60s and beyond?
18:05 Gabby talks about how her training has changed as she has aged
22:18 Gabby’s current nutrition routine; why is carbo-loading still a thing??
24:14 Paul Chek
25:17 The role of alcohol
29:28 Sleep begets sleep
31:27 chiliPAD
32:47 Don’t be precious
33:48 XPT: Move, Breathe, and Recover
36:41 Wim Hof, Rick Rubin
38:00 XPT App
39:03 Carl Rogers
39:05 Game Changers
40:56 Ice and Heat; Rhonda Patrick; Challenging your comfort zone
41:44 Gabby talks about key ways to use heat
42:12 Gabby mentions some stats on sauna use and disease
44:55 The importance of family/community/tribe
46:22 The Harvard Study
50:25 Gabby’s Socials

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