Rory Mckernan: Moving from CrossFit HQ to CrossFit Mayhem, Habit Formation, and the Legend of Some Missing Gold

Rory Mckernan Habit Formation

Rory Mckernan
Moving from CrossFit HQ to CrossFit Mayhem, Habit Formation, and the Legend of Some Missing Gold

Rory Mckernan is the Director of Business Development and Athlete representation at Mayhem Nation. He brings a wealth of industry knowledge to his athletes from his years working as a Media Director and on-camera personality for CrossFit and the Host of the CrossFit Games from 2010-2017. Rory is a father and husband and lives in Cookeville, TN.

For more info about Rory and Mayhem, follow him on Instagram and check out Mayhem Nation and Mayhem Athletes.

Movies, Habit Formation Programs, and Beards mentioned in the episode: 

04:11  Juliet somehow missed Rory’s beard; Dune reference #1
06:08  Rory is joining us from the media office at CrossFit Mayhem
06:25  Rory recently discovered he has a cave on his property in Cookeville that may or may not contain some missing gold; Stranger Things; The Goonies; Caver Jim Fox; Jimmy Chin’s The Rescue
12:00  Rory’s decision to move to Cookeville, TN
14:05  Kelly describes Mayhem and the community as a really special place so Rory gives us an overview of gym and non-gym life in Cookeville
17:54  Rory just completed a 24hr mountain bike race
19:20  Rory was the media director and face of the CrossFit Games from 2009-2019
22:07  Rory is the Director of Business Development at Mayhem which involves at least five verticals – Gym, Coffee, Farm, Apparel, Online Training
24:45  Mayhem has 3 CrossFit Games teams (so far) and 14 individual athletes this year and with all the different teams together it is over 80 athletes headed to the games this year
27:53  The Mayhem staff is hyper sensitive to making sure the members feel supported even while hosting so many elite level athletes and events
31:25  Buffalo Brew is a huge value add to the Mayhem facility, but Kelly was more overjoyed by the cereal bar; Annie Thorisdottir
35:29  Rory started Andy Frisella’s 75 Hard Program and found it transformational
40:51  The average American actually has an average of 5 hours of free time a day, but they spend it on TV or the phone; EC Synkowski
44:55  Rory was diagnosed with cancer in 2011
47:41  Rory’s post cancer scans showed a growth in his lung which required another major surgery
53:30  CrossFit is really about community; Jenny Labaw
57:00  Rory is looking forward to the CrossFit Games
57:30  Mayhem has a Legends Competition coming in December
58:25  Rory’s socials
59:15  Rory is coaching his son’s football team; Dune reference #2

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