Lynsey Dyer: Extreme Skiing, Experiencing Flow States, and Motherhood as a Professional Athlete

Lynsey Dyer Extreme Skiing

Lynsey Dyer
Extreme Skiing, Experiencing Flow States, and Motherhood as a Professional Athlete

Lynsey Dyer is a professional athlete, illustrator, self healing and wildlife advocate. As an athlete, Dyer won the FREESKI overall extreme skiing tour (7 straight wins), was the first female on the cover of FREESKIER Magazine (mid air off a record sized 70ft cliff), and named Skier of the Year multiple times by Powder Magazine. Lynsey hosts the popular outdoor podcast ShowingUP with Lynsey Dyer. She is a trained Breathwork and flow-state facilitator offering movement, mentorship and breathwork to those who inquire. She also offers ski fitness and pregnancy workshops to elevate people to their highest potential. At 21 Dyer co-founded ‪‬, to increase participation of women in the outdoors, and designed the iconic Girafficorn (the charity’s main fundraising and branding icon) to welcome more playfulness in the outdoors. She produced and directed the groundbreaking film, Pretty Faces, the first all female action sports film for women and girls.

For more info about Lynsey, check out Unicorn Picnic and follow her on Instagram.

Filmmakers, Skiers, and Bake Shops mentioned in the episode: 

04:35  Lynsey is joining us from her home office in Sun Valley
05:10  Lynsey’s life has drastically changed as she has become a new mom
06:50  Having a baby is a sort of focuser of powers
07:50  Lynsey runs us through her background, from her parents meeting on a mountain to her start in ski racing and experiencing her first flow state
10:50  Lynsey’s family went to all the Warren Miller movies together
13:19  Lynsey had formal training and the technique learned makes a huge impact; Jeremy Jones
15:30  Skiing is a fantastic family activity
18:50  Lynsey’s coaches had her on an Olympic track and in the end, that track didn’t work for her
20:33  Lynsey studied graphic design at MSU in Bozeman, Montana
22:33  Lynsey feels she jumped into skiing, got really lucky, and then just kept at it because she loves it
23:03  At 19, Lynsey got a graphic design job, but ultimately felt she was working for someone else’s dream and couldn’t truly be creative
24:25  Fortunately, after pivoting to skiing, Lynsey trained hard and won 7 straight skiing competitions and yet, no one really cared
26:45  After Lynsey gets her first big break in film, she blew out her knee on the shoot leading to a year off – and a tough lesson to not let anyone tell her what to ski since it is her body
29:22  Lynsey knew how to train but not how to come back since she had never been injured
30:45  A year later, Lynsey blew out the other knee after a photographer asked her to “make the snow spray”
33:40  Sponsor relationships are complicated as Lynsey learned when she shared with a “friend” that she wanted to get pregnant; Ingrid Backstrom, Allyson Felix
35:25  Fischer has stepped up to sponsor Lynsey for another couple of years and wants to help tell the story of pregnancy and motherhood
36:25  Lynsey was in a ton of movies but none really spoke to women so she set out to make a film specifically about women
37:30  Lynsey literally called up Powder Magazine to ask how she might get this film made and was transferred to an intern that happened to be Ingrid Backstrom
38:40  Lynsey’s cousin AJ Cargill was one of the first women to be in the extreme skiing contests
39:45  The process of making Pretty Faces
40:45  Kelly and Lynsey worked together on a project for Fischer
42:15  How Lynsey is preparing for skiing after pregnancy and having a child
44:15  Habits that Lynsey tries to keep in the schedule
46:54  The 10, 10, 10 at 10 – 10 kb swings, 10 burpees, and 10 pull ups for 10 mins at 10pm
47:15  Women’s body’s have an innate ability to come back after childbirth; Unbroken; Louis Zamperini
48:20  Lynsey is starting to get back on the mountain and is skiing better than ever
48:55  What Lynsey is looking forward to – getting back into art
50:02  Lynsey puts on a trip to Alaska once a year
50:28  Lynsey’s socials
51:03  Lynsey grills the Starretts on how to make rad kids, and how to successfully work with your partner
53:09  “The Feelings Meeting”
57:25  Georgia has turned her love of baking into a subscription cookie company; Georgia’s Bake Shop
59:09  Lynsey still has huge athletic goals as a mother

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