Lauren Fisher: Moving to Iceland, Joining A Super Team, And a Decade Competing as a CrossFit Games Athlete

Lauren Fisher CrossFit Games Athlete

Lauren Fisher
Moving to Iceland, Joining A Super Team, And a Decade Competing as a CrossFit Games Athlete

At 28, Lauren Fisher has been one of the best known names in CrossFit for a long time. Over the years, this CrossFit Games Athlete has collected a Top 10 finish at the Games (2014), a 3rd place finish at the CrossFit Games on her team (2019), and seven overall Games appearances in total (4 individual, 3 team). At age 20, she represented USA Weightlifting at the Junior World Championships. As a well recognized athlete in the sport of CrossFit & Weightlifting, Lauren’s versatility, determination, and boundless enthusiasm continue to make her a popular figure and an inspiration to many up-and-coming athletes and women around the world.

Through her own journey, she founded her company Grown Strong. Her mission is to challenge women to tap into their individual strength to see that strong is beautiful and giving up is simply not an option. Fisher’s formula is surprisingly simple: stay dedicated and work a little harder than everyone else. Success will follow.

Lauren is currently living and training in Iceland with her team, CrossFit Reykjavík.

For more info about Lauren, follow her on Instagram and TikTok, and definitely check out her website and the Grown Strong Program.

Super Teams, Elite Athletes, and Cinnamon Rolls mentioned in the episode: 

05:01 Lauren started CrossFit at just 13 or 14 years old, training at CrossFit 209 with Gabe Subry and Vince Carter.
05:19 In her senior year of high school, Lauren ended up competing against women she admired like Miranda Alcaraz, Jenny LaBaw, and Annie Sakamoto in the 2012 Regionals (12th place); Julie Foucher, Camile Leblanc-Bazinet
06:25 Lauren moved to San Diego for college and started training at CrossFit Invictus with CJ Martin
07:02 Lauren opted to compete in CrossFit instead of playing a big high school basketball game that was televised on ESPN, resulting in her getting benched for two weeks; Blair Morrison; Ben Alderman
09:21 Lauren was one of the first CrossFit Instagram stars.
13:02 Lauren is also on TikTok where you can see her and her CrossFit Reykjavik teammates goofing off and dancing.
20:16 Lauren has competed as both an individual and on a team from 2012 to 2019. COVID stopped her 2020 season and in 2021, she didn’t qualify at the West Coast Classic after injuring her elbow on the first event. She tore her common flexor tendon and competed all weekend on an injured elbow, ultimately needing surgery.
23:18 Lauren is one of several athletes that has been injured landing on rope at the end of a rope climb; Rich Froning, Scott Panchick
25:48 In late 2021, Lauren received a DM from Annie Thorisdottir asking her to move to Iceland and join the CrossFit Reykjavik team. She uprooted her life and moved from San Diego to Iceland in January 2022.
29:07 Lauren and her CrossFit Reykjavik teammates are coached by Jami Tikkanen, who’s there every single day for lifting, gymnastics, cardio, giving his athletes words of encouragement. Lauren struggles with cardio and conditioning but having her coach there believing in her more than she believes in herself makes all the difference; Harry Mara; BKG; Tola Morakinyo; Khan Porter; Katrin Davidsdottir; Fredrik Aegidius
Jami Tikkanen
31:20 Lauren gives a day in the life, including her nutrition and workout schedule; Momentous
35:29 Lauren tries to get nine to ten hours of sleep at night and tracks biometrics like HRV.
40:34 Lauren and her teammates push and inspire each other to be the best with their workouts and nutrition. Homemade cinnamon rolls from the bakery next door are limited to Saturdays. If one person does an optional swim workout, they all feel like they have to meet that standard.\
42:14 Lauren started Grown Strong in 2014 as a signature T-shirt and then expanded to an online fitness community that helps women reach their goals in and out of the gym. Grown Strong offers five different programs based on time and fitness level and will come out with an app
soon; Kate Courtney
45:07 Contrary to what a lot of women believe, doing CrossFit or lifting weights doesn’t mean you’re going to get bulky. Lifting weights is what helps you build lean muscle, lose fat, and look more toned. Nutrition, genetics, and other factors play a part in how the body responds to weightlifting; Kara Saunders
46:58 Lauren’s fiance, Rasmus, runs Grown Strong behind the scenes. The company is headquartered in San Diego.
47:36 When Kelly and Juliet owned a gym, clients would often worry about getting too big. Kelly learned to tell them, “Well, when you start getting too big, let me know and we’ll change your programming.” If you haven’t always been jacked, good luck getting jacked at 40, he says.
48:52 CrossFit Reykjavik just competed in Amsterdam at CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown and after a quick break, Lauren will start training for the Games. They’re in the first semifinals with about eight weeks until the Games start in August.
49:39 Lauren sees CrossFit Mayhem Freedom as their biggest competition and is excited to go up against them
51:33 Lauren’s socials

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