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Jen Widerstrom Carb Cycling

Jen Widerstrom
Carb Cycling

Jen Widerstrom is a world-renowned fitness trainer, published author, and Fitness Director of SHAPE Magazine. She is well known for her work as a trainer on the American television series The Biggest Loser. Before that, she appeared on American Gladiators, as the female gladiator Phoenix. Jen most recently founded GetUP, a CBD supplement company, continues to coach athletes of all stripes including leading monthly carb cycling challenges through her site Juliet has personally found great success zipping up her diet with carb cycling. Jen joins us to talk nutrition, movement, and the important role both play health, wellness, and self image.

For more information about Jen, check out her website, or follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And Definitely check out her new CBD company, GetUP!

People, Diet Trends, and TV Shows mentioned in the episode:

04:13  Jen describes her first Coronavirus meltdown a few months into lockdown and the broader implications
06:54  What are we getting right and what are we getting wrong during this new Covid era?
08:50  Will all the positive changes made during lockdown – cooking at home, exercising – continue when this is all over?
10:54  Sitting down and eating dinner together is a crucial piece of health and wellbeing
11:57  Jen’s background
13:28  Jen started fitness modeling after college which led to her career in television – first stop, American Gladiator then The Biggest Loser.
18:17  Growth Mindset
22:34  How Jen got interested in nutrition
26:53  Juliet’s preferred diet: Paleo + Popcorn
27:52  Carb Cycling defined
28:59  Macros defined
37:31  800g Challenge
38:37  There are so many diet trends out there – Keto, Carnivore, The Lion Diet, Plant Paradox
39:22  Juliet is not gonna be weird about food if you invite her over
39:53  Food is fun
40:25  Adam Bornstein, Jen’s friend and mentor
43:34  Stan Efferding
44:50  Nutrition vs. Exercise
45:28  Movement assists better nutrition choices
50:41  John Berardi article, “The Cost of Getting Lean”
52:13  The absurdity of striving for your high school weight
54:59  Mister Rogers had a favorite weight
57:22  Social media has a negative impact on our self perception
60:50  What is next for Jen/What is she excited about

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