Dr. Mike Nelson

Dr. Mike Nelson Flex Diet

Dr. Mike Nelson
Flex Diet

Dr. Mike T. Nelson (known as Dr. Mike) joins us to talk about the Flex Diet. He is a research fanatic who specializes in metabolic flexibility and heart rate variability. He is also an online trainer, adjunct professor, faculty member at the Carrick Institute, presenter, creator of the Flex Diet Cert, kiteboarder, and (somewhat incongruously) heavy-metal enthusiast. The techniques he’s developed, and the results Mike gets for his clients have been featured in international magazines, in scientific publications, and on websites across the globe. 

For more info about Dr. Mike, check out his website, the Flex Diet website or follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

People, Acronyms, and Junk Food mentioned in the episode:

02:22  Dr. Mike might be the most highly educated person in the entire world of fitness
02:45  Dr. Mike got into nutrition by way of his studies on metabolism
04:16  Dr. Mike’s educational background
06:31  Dr. Mike worked did his thesis on a project that was so classified that he wasn’t even told it was classified: raygun
10:53  “Physiology is complex, but your actions are relatively simple”
12:11  Mark Sisson; TRS interview with Mark
12:46  The Flex Diet and Metabolic Flexibility explained
19:16  Poor sleep has a big impact on metabolic flexibility; University of Chicago Study
20:00  As it turns out, drinking a bottle of wine, eating cookies, and getting no sleep when you are stressed, isn’t great for you
20:56  Why is nutrition so difficult to study?
24:03  Laird Hamilton; TRS interview with Laird
24:29  Is this strategy appropriate for health, or performance, or both?
27:03  Is there one are of focus that people universally struggle with?
29:18  “Coaching Leverage”, the physiology impact x the client’s ability to change
30:38  Kirk Parsley; Dan Pardi
31:35  Kelly and Juliet started tracking their sleep on a Whoop earlier this year and it was eye opening
32:23  Heart Rate Variability (HRV) defined
36:05  When sleep goes down, stress goes up
39:33  What gets measured gets managed
40:39  Relative Energy Deficiency (RED-S)
42:44  Dr. Sue Kleiner
43:47  How does one become more metabolically flexible?
44:14  The Pop-Tart test
45:24  Fasting; fuel selector switch
46:46  Juliet goes on record to say that Kelly gets hangry when fasting; Kelly strongly disagrees
47:03  Metabolic Flexibility testing in a lab
50:53  John Berardi; TRS interview with John
53:24  Stan Efferding
55:10  Dr. Mike’s Socials

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