Anastacia Maggionacalda – Creating at the Speed of Culture, Authenticity, and the Importance of Connecting with Everyone

Anastacia Maggioncalda

Anastacia Maggioncalda
Creating at the Speed of Culture, Authenticity, and the Importance of Connecting with Everyone

Anastacia Maggioncalda is the Head of Production for the Creative Studio at LinkedIn.

Anastacia was a photography and cultural anthropology student at Sarah Lawrence College in New York and after graduating, worked as a producer and studio manager alongside fashion photographers in New York. After transitioning to commercial work, she led production at both Shelter Films and Crossroads Films.

Anastacia made the move to the west coast and the agency side of things working with such brands as BMW, Gatorade, Target, Lexus, Coke, Virgin America, Oakley, Apple, Visa, and Aria. She has also run visual effects production on numerous music videos for artists like N’SYNC, Ricky Martin, Linkin Park, Sheryl Crow, Missy Elliot, Kanye West, and on feature films like Spiderman, Hell Boy, Castaway, Sin City and Iron Man.

Anastacia has won a Webby and a Bronze Lion for her work with Virgin America.

For more info about Anastacia, check out her LinkedIn Profile and follow her on Instagram.

Photographers, Awards, and Boy Bands mentioned in the episode: 

04:50  Kelly and Anastacia like to drink champagne in Paris
05:55  Juliet and Anastacia go to a lot of concerts together; Billy Idol
06:20  Anastacia is the Head Of Production, LinkedIn Creative Studio
08:32  People like LinkedIn because it seems to be a safer place to connect on the internet; LinkedIn Conversations for Change
10:35  Anastacia’s early life: Boston → Marin, AC/DC to → Norcal Valley Girl
14:40  Anastacia knew in high school that she wanted to be a photographer, or do creative writing which naturally meant she would travel the world as a photojournalist for National Geographic
15:20  At Sarah Lawrence College, Stacia studied under Joel Sternfeld; Andrei Serrano
17:06  Anastacia had an internship at Magnum Photos which was one of the most highly coveted positions in the photography world
18:34  Having hard skills matter, consistently up-skilling is crucial; Anya Fernald
20:05  Anastacia appears in the Starrett’s 60 Minutes piece AND in the Pelvic Floor Course
20:27  What is a producer anyway?
23:30  Anastacia got to work on a lot of music videos including lots of boy bands – Backstreet Boys, N’SYNC; plus Ricky Martin; Oasis; Metallica
25:23  Shooting with N’SYNC was super fun and Stacia could tell from the first shoot that Justin Timberlake was going places because of his extreme dedication to his craft; Britney Spears
27:15  It take a minute to develop a career
27:53  Biggest piece of advice: Connect with everyone
29:45  Anastacia and Juliet can outwork anyone
31:08  Work/Life balance; Stacia is always game for literally anything
32:27  The evolution of tech into the deep social content world
34:30  Creating at the speed of culture; authenticity
35:55  Waning attention spans and content creation
38:00  AICP – Association of Independent Commercial Producers
40:35  Anastacia’s favorite project of all time was the web series for BMW films with different directors, long form, and released on the internet, and it was SO cutting edge; Guy Ritchie; John Woo; Madonna; John Frankenheimer; Clive Owen
43:35  Anastacia has won a Webby and a Bronze Lion Award
44:07  Blah Airlines, a real-time film about flying cross country on a terrible airline, it went viral
46:22  Departure Date, a film shot entirely on booked airlines during actual flights
47:52  What is Anastacia working on now?
48:40  Most recent work: Pride Campaign; International Women’s Day; Black History Month
49:00  Lots of work around the cultural moments of going back to physical office spaces
50:45  Creatives are really suffering in the remote world
54:54  Anastacia’s socials

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