Mike Minium

S4EP7: Mike Minium
All or Nothing

Mike Minium started coaching when he was only 14, coaching adults and kids in tennis. He played competitive tennis through college, but never strayed too far from coaching, eventually focusing on general strength and conditioning. He discovered CrossFit in 2003, and was amazed at the impact it had on his fitness. He immediately got certified to coach and opened the very first CrossFit gym in the Bay Area. Mike has now expanded the CrossFit Oakland family to three locations. In this episode, we hear how Mike got started with CrossFit and discuss the importance of using CrossFit to improve athletic performance outside of the gym.

For more info on Mike, check out CrossFit Oakland or follow them on Facebook.

[03:47]  Jeff + Mikki Martin, The Brand X Method
[03:50]  CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course
[04:06]  Kelly does Fran for the first time, in 25 minutes
[05:49]  Candace Hester 
[07:09]  The Stone Clinic
[07:42]  Mike’s CrossFit Origin Story
[08:09]  Art De Vany, Robb Wolf
[09:03]  Greg Glassman
[09:18]  In 2005, Mike opens CrossFit Oakland
[11:51]  Mike is more Soundgarden than Pearl Jam, but maybe only because of Public Enemy
[15:55]  Craig Patterson
[17:13]  CrossFit Oakland is like Cheers, where everybody knows your name
[18:49]  What would Mike go back in time and tell himself?
[21:18]  Mike describes his genius pull-up bar chime to eliminate pull cheating
[24:30]  Oakland: the greatest city, home of Oaklandish
[24:53]  Golden State Warriors, more East Bay greatness stolen by SF
[25:46]  French Open
[26:33]  CrossFit Games
[29:39]  Mat Fraser
[30:33]  CrossFit Journal, “What is Fitness”
[32:00]  CrossFit Oakland has expanded with a location in Uptown, co-owned and run by Tamara Holmes, and Endgame Athletics, run by Arnold Chua
[33:30]  Mike talks about his personal CrossFit practice and how it has evolved
[35:17]  CBD, the avocado toast of this generation
[36:09]  The Coddling of the American Mind, by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt
[36:57]  What’s next for Mike?
[39:22]  Mike’s digits and socials


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