Nic Gill

Health Your Kids

Nic Gill has been the head strength and conditioning coach for the New Zealand All Blacks for the last 11 years, a time of great international success including World Cup titles in 2011 and 2015. In addition, Nic is a wellness and fitness consultant to numerous international corporations as well as a limited number of individuals. He continues to refine his philosophy through research at the University of Waikato. Nic recently released his first book, Health Your Self, that aims to give practical knowledge to enable readers to build their own health and fitness plan. We talk with Nic about fitness, nutrition, and simple tweaks that are both reasonable and effective at improving health and wellbeing, all through the lens of raising healthy kids.

For more information on Nic, check out his website, blog, and follow him on Instagram.

Teams, books, and people mentioned in the episode:
Do the little things well everyday (3:05)
New Zealand All Blacks (4:40, 7:40)
Population health (5:04)
Health Your Self, by Nic Gill (7:04, 22:23)
The shift away from movement is happening in NZ too (10:20)
Nic’s parenting philosophy (13:20)
How Nic’s family eats (15:15)
Prioritizing healthy foods makes you the weirdos in your community, sadly (17:07)
Nic’s one-day experiments (23:18)
A tweak per week for 3 weeks for parents (25:39)
Pre, during, and post-workout nutrition for kids (27:27)
Food shouldn’t be a reward (32:19)
Keep programming simple and enjoyable (34:25)
Sports specialization (37:16)
Eric Cressy (37:16)
Professionalization of youth sports (42:53)
The best time to talk to your kids (44:39)

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