Katie Wells

Wellness Mama

Katie Wells is the founder of WellnessMama.com, an online resource for women and moms (and dads!) who want to live healthier lives. Katie works with a team of researchers and medical advisors with the goal of making every post a simple answer to a single question. In this conversation we get tons of practical advice on raising kids with a focus on prioritizing nutrition, sleep, and bringing healthy habits into our homes. We were blown away with the system that Katie has created in her own home and the amount of responsibility that all kids can and should handle to become truly valuable members of the team we call family.

For more info on Katie, check out WellnessMama.com, her podcast, or follow her on Instagram.

Products, people, and podcasts mentioned in the episode:
What if we run our home like a business? (7:43)
Katie’s systems within her home (9:25)
High school years = entrepreneurial incubator at Katie’s house (15:00)
The kids handle their breakfasts, lunches, and clean-up (16:52)
Online cooking course for kids “Kids Cook Real Food” (17:28)
A peek at Katie’s dinner meal plan (18:41)
Tips for prioritizing sleep (23:01)
Addressing the sleep environment (24:19)
Dreampad Pillow from Brain Harmony (24:47)
Mitigating the effects of evening screen time for homework 26:44
f.lux screen (27:00)
Strategies for getting kids to eat veggies (32:20)
The Magic Pill documentary (35:15)
Easy changes for a healthier household (38:23)
Branch Basics and Dr. Bronner cleaning products (39:45)
Fresh Air episode mentioned with Rob Dunn talking about all the microbes and bacteria living in our homes. (41:22)
The trouble with plastics (43:50)

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