Dr. Richard Lee

The State of Genetics

Dr. Lee is a pioneer in using cutting-edge technology to provide preventative healthcare. In this conversation we cover the science of genetics, the current state of research, where it’s helpful, where it’s not helpful, what we all need to know, and what we all need to watch out for. Juliet and Kelly have both had their DNA analyzed and seen Dr. Lee as patients, so we are able to get into specific examples of what can be learned and acted on, and whether they found it useful.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Richard Lee

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    Tevin Brinson says:

    What levels does Dr. Richard Lee suggest getting tested or is there and all in one service that he suggests for getting DNA aalyzed?

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      Jillian Morgan says:

      Yes! I’m re-listening to these old podcasts and was wondering this same thing! He talked about wanting to make a comprehensive testing platform that would be easily analyzed for regular people. Is this something he has developed since being interviewed? Is there a specific service he recommends using?
      I have had my DNA tested with 23andMe for family stuff, but I am interested in having it analyzed for nutrition and performance reasons.
      I tried looking him up on Google but there are ALOT of Dr. Richard Lee’s out there….

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