Jonathan Lee – Adaptive Training Using AI, Fueling on the Bike, and the Importance of Structure

Jonathan Lee Adaptive Training

Jonathan Lee
Adaptive Training Using AI, Fueling on the Bike, and the Importance of Structure

Jonathan Lee is a cyclist, certified coach, and the host of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast presented by TrainerRoad. He is the Communications Director for TrainerRoad where they focus on using AI to make cyclists faster.

For more info about Jonathan, check out TrainerRoad, the Ask A Cycling Coach Podcast, and follow him on Instagram.

Elite Athletes, Books, and Gummi Bears mentioned in the episode: 

04:20  Jonathan was a motocross racer, ski racer, rock climber, and cyclist and was dealing with tons of overuse injuries which led him to Becoming a Supple Leopard.
05:10  Kelly and Jonathan met in person while doing a podcast at Strava headquarters
05:45  Jonathan and Kelly also ran into each other in the “Win” Tunnel at Specialized
6:30  TrainerRoad uses AI to make cyclists faster
7:43  When Juliet’s Whoop says to rest, she does not obey, but the most successful athletes do listen to what the TrainerRoad AI recommends
09:40  TrainerRoad offers different styles of training including their TrainNow (individual workouts without a training plan) and Adaptive Training which is totally customized to the individual using AI
11:05  Having an electric mountain bike allows Juliet to go easy on rest days while still biking to the places she loves
12:50  The AI is helping athletes recalibrate their training plan which include recalibrating their perceptions of what their training should look like
14:15  Olympic athletes are starting to do many hours of low level training in zone 1 and zone 2; Nils van der Poel
16:20  Pro-level fitness is roughly considered 5.5 watts per kilogram; Nairo Quintana
17:15  It’s about working athletes just right (not too much and not too little)
21:30  Can the TrainerRoad adaptive training protocol be expanded into other sports?
24:30  Jonathan has a 5 year old, and with one on the way, he knows he won’t be able to stick to a strict training plan so he cleared the races from his schedule
26:40  Focusing on training and not competing has opened up the ability to do multi-sport training
27:30  There is major athleticism in our pro athletes like Kate Courtney, Levi Leipheimer, and Pete Sagan
28:51  We are seeing a ton of amazing mountain bikers now, and that has a lot to do with the use of strength training; Mathieu van der Poel; Wout van Aert; Nino Schurter; Jolanda Neff; Loana Lecomte
34:40  The TrainerRoad podcast is Kelly’s favorite cycling podcast
35:30  TrainerRoad finds that the biggest thing that athletes get wrong is just not being intentional enough
36:00  The biggest thing missing from most athletes’ training plans is structure
37:55  Nutrition is also hugely important – nobody eats enough on the bike; Filippo Ganna
41:38  Be consistent before you’re heroic
44:15  Jonathan approves the use of Gummi Bears on rides
45:50  Juliet’s biggest takeaway from Tyler Hamilton’s book, The Secret Race: Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France, is lighter is better and faster
47:10  Relative energy deficiency; Kate Courtney, Evie Richards, Loana Lecomte
50:10  Great resource: Alan Lim, Feed Zone Portables: A Cookbook of On-the-Go Food for Athletes
52:10  What Jonathan is looking forward to
57:05  Jonathan’s socials

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