Diana Rodgers

Regenerative Farming

Diana Rodgers
Regenerative Farming

Diana Rodgers is an advocate for regenerative farming. She is a registered dietician and “real food” nutritionist as well as a writer living on a working organic farm. She runs a clinical nutrition practice, hosts the Sustainable Dish Podcast, and speaks internationally about human nutrition, sustainability, animal welfare and social justice. She’s written two books and helped to produce the short film, Soft Slaughter, which won a real food media award. Her work has been featured in The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, Edible Boston and To Market.

Later this year she is releasing a new book and film project, Sacred Cow, exploring the important role of animals in our food system.

To learn more about Diana and her work, check out the Sustainable Dish website and podcast, the Sacred Cow website and follow her on Instagram, FaceBook, and Twitter.

People, Books, and Movies mentioned in this episode

03:03  Diana’s Background
04:20  Diana goes back to school for nutrition after being diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease
04:44  Weston A. Price
04:56  Diana has written a couple of cookbooks
04:59  Robb Wolf
05:03  Diana’s newest book, Sacred Cow is out July 2020 and the feature documentary will be out in the Fall 2020
  Diana had some learning difficulties that went away after dialing in her diet
10:14  Mark Sisson, Mark on TRS Podcast
10:54  There’s a lot of money to be made in manufacturing ultra processed vegan foods
14:25  Equity and elitism with respect to diet
16:44  Study about meat supplementation in Kenyan children
20:10  Nutritional value of animal protein
24:07  Regenerative agriculture
  Does regenerative agriculture scale?
30:36  What can people do if they want to support a culture shift to a regenerative food system?
37:20  Having an industrialized, centralized food system makes us very vulnerable from a food security perspective
44:20  Meat vs. Fake meat
48:56  Conventional beef vs. Grass-fed beef
53:27  Super Size Me, Biggest Little Farm
54:38  Sacred Cow book and movie info
Kelly is looking forward to two things: 1) the release of Dune and 2) the release Sacred Cow
56:56  Diana’s socials

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