Dan Garner: Objective Measures, Patterns, and the Art in Biomarkers

Dan Garner Biomarkers

Dan Garner
Objective Measures, Patterns, and the Art in Biomarkers

Dan Garner has quickly become one of the go-to experts in the human performance industry. His detailed “inside-out” approach and science-backed programming have quickly pushed him to the forefront of his industry. With his extensive work as a world-class performance lab analyst, Dan continues to push the industry forward with his publications, research, and no-nonsense approach to education and training.

Professionally, Dan has over 20 of the top certifications in both training and nutrition as well as a formal education in functional medicine and health science. Dan is the co-founder of BioMolecular Athlete helping individuals achieve their full potential through research, science, and education, and the co-owner of RAPID Health Optimization specializing in athletic performance and physique transformation. His list of clientele include a long list of UFC, MLB, NHL, NFL, PGA, Olympians, and Hollywood Actors.

If you are even a little interested in understanding how things are working in your body, and specifically what your blood can tell you, this episode is hugely informative. Sometimes it is difficult to understand if the behaviors you are adopting are working, and biomarkers are an elegant way to get unbiased information. And Dan is not simply a science guy, he is working with actual high level athletes and proving out the utility of biomarkers in real time.

For more info on Dan, check out his website, follow him on Instagram, and definitely learn more at Vitality Blueprint and Rapid Health Report.

Points of interest in the episode: 

03:35  Dan is joining us from a basement in Canada
04:10  Dan’s background
06:55  Objective measures
08:40  Getting Michael Bisping ready for a championship (Kelly actually helped GSP get ready for a fight against Bisping); Luke Rockhold
11:45  Getting Sean O’Malley fight ready
13:00  Passive and active weight loss methodologies (not fat loss)
16:35  Cutting through the overload of information
18:19  Eliminating variables vs working from quality data analysis
19:25  Constraint mindset
22:45  Blood whisperer; Art in objectivity
24:20  Patterns, root causes, and always asking, “I wonder why the body thought that was a good idea”
25:55  An example of a pattern revealing WAY more than a biomarker in normal range
27:47  ‘Negative acute phase reactant’ defined
29:08  The recipe book analogy
30:18  Using biomarkers to identify patterns – “Vitamin D is an unreliable biomarker of vitamin D deficiency”
41:15  3-Point Health Scale: Death – Fake Health – True Health
46:38  Where to start with bloodwork – CBC and CMP; Vitality
53:06  Reference ranges, pros and cons
65:10  Relevance to youth athletes
68:29  Dan’s socials


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