Dan Clark – Functional Music, Neuromodulation, and How Brain.fm’s Music Can Change Your Life

Dan Clark Functional Music

Dan Clark
Functional Music, Neuromodulation, and How Brain.fm’s Music Can Change Your Life

Dan Clark previously worked as a website and app developer. When he switched careers from building an advertising agency, he came across Brain.fm. In his first session, he bought an account and was so excited after a week of use, he decided he needed to be part of the company. After calling 12 times, he finally landed a job and worked the first month for free. Fast forward to present-day and Dan’s now the CEO of Brain.fm and has been included in the Forbes 30 under 30 in 2019. Dan is always excited about how technology can change the world.

Stay tuned at the end of the episode for a 30 minute sample of Brain.fm’s functional music.

For more info about Dan and Brain.fm, check our their website, follow them on Instagram, or sign up for a free trial.

Science, Results, and Use Cases mentioned in the episode: 

04:45  Dan’s Background: from martial arts to web designer to high school dropout
06:45  A near death situation led Dan to switch everything up and move into a career helping people which led him to Brain.fm
08:05  Dan explains the mental shift he experienced after having a gun pointed in his face
09:15  Kelly has been Brain.fm aware since they sponsored the episode of a Kyle Kingsbury podcast that he was on and he was gifted a lifetime subscription to Brain.fm
10:40  What is Brain.fm and how does it work?
12:20  Dan was also skeptical about functional music as he’d tried binaural beats and isochronic tones without success
13:25  Dan gets into the science of Brain.fm and it goes way beyond what functional music used to mean
17:00  Kelly asked Brain.fm for mp3s so he could get into his flow state while training for and completing the Molokai Crossing race (they gave him 5hrs of music)
19:00  Your ears are just as sophisticated as your eyes
20:30  Use cases – ADHD, customization
22:10  We know more about Pluto than the inner workings of our brains
22:15  Brain.fm gets funding from the National Science Foundation
22:47  We are constantly trying to change our state: caffeine, alcohol, THC, TV, etc., Brain.fm is just another powerful way in
23:33  Brain.fm is a tool, the only difference between humans 10K years ago and today, are the tools we have
23:52  Brain.fm is doing some interesting work in hospitals with anxiety and coming out of anesthesia leading to people waking up faster, less emotional, and able to be discharged sooner
28:18  Dan shares some of the most surprising results users are seeing with Brain.fm
31:27  People are using Brain.fm a lot to downregulate after a high intensity workout
32:00  At SFCF they had a recovery corner with Normatec Recovery Boots and Brain.fm
34:04  Lessons learned while growing a business; Learning to say “no” or “not yet”
37:18  Balancing helping people with running a viable business
39:55  What Dan is looking forward to, besides Dune
41:20  Brain.fm is not an audio company, it’s a neuromodulation company
42:12  Dan’s socials

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