Daily Mobility Exercises by Dr. Kelly Starrett Forums Foot/Ankle how do you maintain tension (via external foot rotation) while pressing through heels on a squat?

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      AvatarSimon Schneider

      I’m struggling to externally rotate my feet (“spreading the crack” between my feet) and also press through my heels when I squat. How do I balance those two concepts?

      Especially on an overhead squat…when I focus on keeping the weight centered over my heels, my toes want to come up and I lose all of that tension.

      Any advice?

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      Sounds like your weight is too far back throwing off your general center of mass.
      When squatting you want your feet straightish 9-11 degree turn out is within the acceptable range.
      Have the weight to the middle/front part of your heel.
      Does that help?

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