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      AvatarMike Richmond

      Hi MobilityWod Community!

      I have just started doing overhead squats yesterday, and it seems that I can’t externally rotate my shoulders when the bar is overhead (snatch grip, of course). After overhead squatting for the first day, I woke up this morning and experienced mild shoulder pain, and I guess this is because of my inability to externally rotate my shoulders. 
      I can easily reach arms overhead without overextending my spine (I have been mobilising for almost a year now), but do you have any exercise that could help me active my shoulder external rotators? Also, how should the weight feel on my hand? toward my pinky? 
      Moreover, with snatch grip, it is really hard to retract my shoulder blade together in order to create shelves for the bar to rest. 
      Thanks a lot! 
      **I just became a Pro subscriber yesterday 🙂
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      Hey hate to hijack, but I’m dealing with problems extending my arms overhead without arching the spine.  Could I ask what moves seemed the most effective?  Thanks.

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