The Ready State 2023 Gift Guide

BTM Signed Copy (free protocol of choice upon purchase)

They say it’s better to give than receive, but why can’t you do both? In fact, you can. For a limited time only, when you buy a SIGNED copy of Built To Move (to give as a gift, obviously) you receive a FREE Pain Protocol of your choice. That’s basically like getting $50 for buying a $20 book. I mean, do that math. We’ll wait. (But don’t wait too long. This deal is super limited.)

Why give Built To Move? The short answer: because you care.

Let’s break it down though:

  • Gifting Built To Move is a way of saying “I care about your health and well-being and I think this book is an accessible, actionable path to achieving it.”
  • You can never lose by gifting a book. Ever.
  • It’s signed!
  • You get to choose from nine incredible Pain Protocols designed by Dr. Kelly Starrett to get you out of whatever pain you’re feeling, whether it’s shoulder, knee, low back – you name it.
  • Grab a copy (or two) and get wrapping.


Yeti Stackable Cups

8oz. Tumbler


6oz. Tumbler w/ Handle


6oz. Tumbler


We cannot say more enthusiastically how much we love – and how often we use – these small stackable Yeti cups (every day). They are the perfect stocking stuffers for literally anyone who drinks coffee/espresso.

Not only are they perfectly designed and just plain adorable, they fit perfectly under our espresso machine, are dishwasher safe, and stack easily in our cupboard. They are also a nice size to bring while traveling or in the outdoors when you want a perfect insulated cup without the size or weight of a larger cup.

We cannot like these little beauties enough and will be adding them to our entire family’s stockings this year – you should, too!

Momentous Creatine + Collagen

There are supplements that come and go in the Starrett household but among those that are daily constants now (and we expect forever) are collagen and creatine. We have been talking about the benefits of collagen for tissue health here at the Ready State for years and, more recently, about creatine, especially after having Dr. Darren Candow, one of the world’s foremost researchers on creatine supplementation on our podcast this summer (well worth a listen if you or someone you know are creatine-curious).

There are obviously A LOT of supplements on the market and many choices but one of the many reasons we are fans and supporters of Momentous is that all of their products are NSF certified. After coming up with the gold standard certification program for dietary supplements, NSF went even further with the introduction of the NSF Certified for Sport initiative, which helps athletes make safer decisions about what they take to fuel performance and optimize recovery. The NSF makes sure a product doesn’t contain any of the 270+ substances banned by most sports’ governing bodies, reconciling what’s on the label with what’s actually in the package, and guaranteeing that there are no harmful contaminants present.

So, not only can we support our tissue health with collagen and muscle mass with creatine, but we can do so knowing that what we are taking is what it purports to be. If you have athletes or people in your family interested in durability, longevity or just feeling good in their bodies, the Momentous Creatine + Collagen bundle is the way to go.


You Can’t Screw This Up

You Can’t Screw This Up by Adam Bornstein is a practical, funny and, importantly, not dogmatic book about how to have a healthy and happy relationship with food. Adam lays out a direct, realistic, and effective way to improve your health and mindset to help you (or your loved ones) succeed (while still enjoying food) once and for all. It’s a fun-to-read blend of science, experience, and practical advice from a person who has been a trusted voice in the health and fitness space for as long as we can remember.


The First Rule of Mastery

The longer that we work with high performers or simply people trying to become their best selves, the more we run smack into the fact that sometimes we all need a little more brain and mind training. Most of us in fact could benefit from some conscious work around mindset. If you’ve never considered this aspect of your function or performance you’re not alone. Believe it or not, a great many of the world’s best athletes find out a little too late that they, too, could benefit from working with a performance psychologist. So who is our go to in this field? Please meet Dr. Mike (Michael Gervais). Dr. Mike has a brand new book coming out that I know we all could benefit from, The First Rule of Mastery: Stop Worrying What People Think of You. It’s a great gift for anyone in your life.


The Joy of Wellbeing

The Joy of Well Being by Colleen & Jason Wacob is a simple, relatable guide to improving your body and mind at a time when we are all experiencing information overload. If you are looking to optimize your own (or your loved ones) health and well being without adding another listicle of unrealistic tasks to your life, this book is for you. The Wachobs have distilled their years of experience and access to the world’s leading health and wellness experts through their company MindBody Green into a blueprint for how to simplify your health journey and reach true well being.


The MarcPro

If Kelly was running for President, his platform would be to have a Marc Pro in every household. We are human beings, and human beings LOVE to over do it, go a little too hard too soon, or make themselves feel worse than they need to. Modern humans also have a ton of demands for their time – the result being that sometimes active recovery gets pushed to the side. And so we have the Marc Pro. This little device facilitates what your body does for itself, but in times where moving is all but impossible, like sitting at a desk, or watching TV, or even sleeping! The Marc Pro creates a non-fatiguing muscle contraction that facilitates waste removal, decongests tissues, and improves blood flow. It’s movement without actual motion. If you are looking to feel better, enhance your recovery, or reduce the session costs of your training, nothing beats a Marc Pro.


SlackBlock by Slackbow

Of all the many physical competencies we possess, balance is the unsung hero, the attribute that’s on few people’s radars but affects just about every aspect of mobility. And balance is one of those things that truly is use it or lose it. But, let’s be honest, no one really wants to practice balance.

Enter the Slackblock by Slackbow.

If you’ve been following The Ready State for a while, you know we are fans of this product and a quick trip around our house or office and you’ll see Slackblocks peppered everywhere – in our kitchen, under our standing desks, in the garage, and in the living room. We have found having these simple tools around are both fun and allow us to practice our balance without even thinking about it.

So, give the gift of fun and better balance and pick up a Slackblock (or two) for you or your loved ones.


Limited Edition TRS Hats

Different lids for different kids. Our limited edition TRS hats are dropping soon exclusively through SMS – so get signed up and snag one of these fresh lids for you or someone who could use an upgrade on their hat game. Don’t sleep when that alert comes in – this is a small batch, limited edition and they will go fast!



Let’s get a couple of things straight. First, it took us almost 18 months to figure out how to make this thing; it’s so complicated. No wonder everyone was just making little balls with spikes. The Supernova is the first of its kind, revolutionary. Your tissues are probably like wet grilled cheese sandwiches. Putting an ice-pick into that mess won’t change anything. You have to shear those layers apart. Look, we didn’t invent the shear concept or grilled cheese, we just made it better. This thing is a one-way ticket to legitsville.

Second: We should have probably just called it the “Super” because this thing really is really super. Like really super. We too have grown tired of roto-tilling and steamrolling our hard working tissues. We needed a device that would allow us to create higher global shear pressures so that when we rolled, it actually made us better. So we made one.

Oh, and another thing. We work with actual athletes. Have you seen the quads and glutes of someone that actually squats? Look, you regularly ride those ponies hard and put them away wet. You are also probably an adult with a job and don’t have a million extra hours to spend “recovering” and “getting more awesome”. You need tools that are effective, and fast. And did I mention portable? Have you ever gone through security with a foam tube? You’d get flagged as a risk. Because obviously foam tubes are for children. You’re a CEO for crying out loud. Isn’t it time you started respecting your hamstrings?

If this ball had a motto it’d be ‘More shear, more better, more awesome.’ The SuperNova is not just a gift; it’s a game-changer for anyone committed to enhancing their physical performance and overall well-being. It’s the key to unlocking improved mobility, accelerated recovery, and peak physical performance. Elevate someone’s fitness journey this holiday season with the gift of The Ready State SuperNova.


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