Pain from your Shoes? – The Dangers of Cute Shoes

People wearing many different types of shoes.

Are you experiencing pain from your shoes?

We’re starting to see a conversation about the shape of our shoes. More companies are opening up the shoe around our toes, which is great! You don’t jam your fingers together all the time and we shouldn’t do it to our toes.

Love it. I dig that conversations are happening around the shape of our footwear. However, we still aren’t having the other important conversation: what should your feet do inside your shoe.

An easy answer to this question comes from pediatrics. Ask any pediatric orthopedic association what shoe is best for the proper development of a child’s feet, and they’ll say barefoot, or wear shoes that least interfere with foot position.

Man holding a pair of children's shoes.

We’re after the same goals.

Now, let’s say you’ve got a pair of cute shoes that aren’t super cushioned but look great. That’s fine, for a dinner or a date, but maybe not for wearing around all day. If you’re wondering why your shoes might be causing you pain, try this:

Use the barefoot test in this video to test your shoes and determine which ones create the least interference with your foot position, stick to these for the majority of your day, and get rid of that pesky pain from your shoes once and for all:

Top powerlifting coaches say 90% of failed lifts happen because of foot position. I agree. If you want to optimize your Ready State, start with the feet.

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