Stan Efferding

Stan Efferding Vertical Diet

Stan Efferding
Vertical Diet

Stan Efferding is the founder of the Vertical Diet and is an IFBB Professional bodybuilder and World Record Holding Powerlifter. He is one of only 10 men in the world to ever total over 2,300 pounds raw in competition. Stan holds the title as the Worlds Strongest Bodybuilder.

Stan studied Exercise Science at the University of Oregon and has been training high school, Collegiate, and Professional athletes for over 25 years. Stan conducts seminars all over the country for various sports and nutrition and training techniques. He has appeared in many magazines and writes for Muscular Development, Flex Magazine and Power Magazine. Stan is also a successful entrepreneur having built three different start-up businesses into multi-million dollar companies.

For more info on Stan, check out his website or follow him on Instagram.

People, Athletes, and Quotes mentioned in the episode:

03:36  Stan’s path to a nutrition focus
05:45  Stan works with many elite athletes: Hafpor Bjornsson; Lane Johnson; Camille Leblanc; Becca Voigt; Ben Smith
06:44  Is there a common area where all athletes are struggling with health and fitness? Answer: Yes, sleep.
07:27  Brian Shaw, Dan Green, Larry Wheels
07:31  Sleep Apnea; CPAP
09:17  Nadia Wyatt; Miss Olympia; Tiny Tiff
09:39  Favorite Stan Quote: “Getting up at 4am to do cardio – is like stepping over $100 bills to pick up nickels”
09:50  The problem with overly restrictive diets
10:29  Nike athlete, Mary Cain, came forward to talk about REDS
12:32  Vince Gironda
14:05  Who needs a cheat day when you eat this way?
16:30  Sleep hygiene
17:42  Jordan Feigenbaum
18:21  A CPAP machine is a 99% solution for those that have any level of apnea
18:45  Apnea cause a host of problems including high blood pressure, decreased thyroid function, increased hunger…
20:31  If you can’t afford getting a CPAP through a doctor, Stan recommends going on Craigslist and buying a DreamStation
22:05  The Vertical Diet defined
24:14  Antacids diminishes your body’s ability to break down protein or absorb minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron, which can lead to autoimmune disorders and even depression
26:34  A potato has about 3x the potassium of a banana
28:47  Supporting elite athletes and well as regular people in nutrition and wellness
34:04  Meal prep
35:12  Support young athletes
35:16  Stan was 98lbs as a freshman and only 115lb as a senior
36:59  Monster MashTM
38:20  Growing anti-meat sentiment
39:17  NutriRecs
39:27  Dr. John Ioannidis, Stanford
42:03  Dr. Stacy Sims; TRS interview
42:42  At the end of the day, athletes are going to do what works no matter what it is
46:26  Low FODMAP diet
48:24  Sugar alcohols; Olestra; Halo Top
52:27  Hunger and fatigue impact diet compliance; sodium depletion is a big factor in feeling tired
54:56  A cleaner diet with no processed food is naturally low in sodium and it has to be added back in
55:16  The Salt Fix, by Dr. James DiNicolantonio; Dr. Sandra Godek’s Heat Institute
58:43  Stan’s Socials

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