Dave Werner

S4EP9: Dave Werner
Movement Matters

Dave Werner co-founded the first ever CrossFit affiliate. Dave is a Navy SEAL veteran, a highly experienced strength coach, founder of moveSKILL.com, and a long time leader in the fitness industry. He authored the Athletic Skill Levels© in 2006, a tool for gauging general fitness, which is now used by athletes and gyms all over the world. MoveSKILL.com, is an online resource for people seeking improved general fitness and helping them reach the strength and conditioning goals described by the Athletic Skill Levels. Before joining the U.S. Navy at age 17, Dave grew up wrestling, working on farms, and playing the cello in Oklahoma and Oregon. We talk to Dave about the earliest days of CrossFit, how affiliation came to be, and even hear the origin of the first named workout.

For more info on Dave, check out moveSKILL.com.

People, Organizations, and Obsolete Technology mentioned in the episode:
[02:35]  Dave’s CrossFit origin story
[04:20]  Bellevue Public Library, Pavel Tsatsouline, Card Catalog
[05:09]  Dave has to learn about kettlebells on a VHS tape
[05:55]  Dragon Door
[06:06]  Dave starts looking for workout partners and finds Robb Wolf and Nick Nibler
[08:57]  CrossFit, Greg Glassman, Brian Mulvaney
[11:45]  Dan John
[21:28]  Dave and Robb outgrow the garage gym and move to a storage unit, and then to an abandoned hangar building
[21:17]  Dave comes up with the idea of affiliation in order to write off his losses
[27:16]  Mike Rutherford, Coach Burgener
[31:41]  Dave tells the origin story of the first named workout
[32:58]  Lonnie Lau, Greg Amundson, David Leys, Matt Mast
[35:29]  CrossFit Journal article introducing “The Girls”
[45:31]  Athletic Skill Levels, moveSKILL
[47:31]  Stephane Rochet
[53:40]  Anatoliy Bondarchuk

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