Chris Spealler

S4EP11: Chris Spealler
All The Speals

Chris Spealler competed as an individual in 7 CrossFit Games, is an Affiliate Owner, and is an all around great human and fan favorite. Chris collected top 10 finishes at the Games in 2007, 2008, and 2010, and the “Spirit of the Games” award in 2010. He has numerous podium finishes in regionals and opens as well as his 3rd place finish at the 2007 Games. Chris has been teaching at a variety of competitions and seminars since 2007 and is currently sharing his knowledge and experience developing and programming for Icon Athlete. We talk to Chris about early CrossFit, The Games, and his “we’re all in this together” mentality. It was an absolute pleasure to wrap up this season of The Ready State with Chris!

For more info on Chris, check out CrossFit Park City and Icon Athlete or follow him on Instagram.

People, Organizations, and World Records mentioned in the episode:
[02:34]  Chris and Kelly meet for the first time with Eva Twardokens, definitely not at a dessert place in Santa Cruz
[03:38]  Chris’ CrossFit origin story
[04:00]  Young Life
[04:44]  Chris’ first WOD was Cindy
[05:26]  Chris starts CrossFit in the fall of 2006 and opens CrossFit Park City in May of 2007
[10:45]  NCAA Wrestling, University of Iowa
[12:04]  Skip Chase, world record for sit ups
[12:41]  Dave Werner
[13:51]  Adrian Bozman
[17:58]  Speal Pull Up Bar
[21:06]  Rogue Invitational
[21:39]  Mikko Salo, Jason Khalipa, Josh Everett
[23:41]  Chris talks about how his training has changed over the years
[25:14]  Annie Sakamoto
[26:46]  Icon Athlete
[37:21]  Chris’ Socials

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